The Walking Dead: Episode 807: Time for After

It is so sad to see what was once an unbreakable, unified force now broken into ideological factions. While Rick is being held hostage by the scavengers, Daryl, Michonne, Tara […]

The Walking Dead Episode 803 “Monsters”

 All out war has begun, and each group has started taking out the Saviors’ satellite bases. Each group had their own bases to clear and things were going very well. […]

The Walking Dead, Episode 804 “Some Guy”

The Walking Dead   Episode 804: Some Guy        The episode begins as King Ezekiel prepares himself for the day. Kind of like a ‘day-in-the-life-of’ piece. Just as an actor […]

The Walking Dead 801 “Mercy”

 It’s finally here! The “All Out War” season 8 of The Walking Dead came in with a bang! When last we left the series, the communities had banded together in […]