Iron Man 3 Concept Art Poster At SDCC!

I’m beyond jealous of everyone attending Comic Con because of the fact “Iron Man 3” will be there. You’re not only going to be able to attend a panel, but […]

SDCC ’12: Grimm Comic-Con Poster Revealed

Michael Ausiello over at has revealed a Grimm promotional poster that will be given away at Comic-Con. Comic book artist Whilce Portacio did this art and Ausiello teases where […]

How To Land That Sweet Swag

Over on Twitter, @mrichert asked which way is the best way to get some swag? By walking the floor? Panels? The answer is easy, it’s all of the above and […]

SDCC’12: Warner Bros. Hotel Keycards

For the 5th year in a row Warner Bros is giving Comic-Con attendees their first little bit of collectible swag. Upon checking into one of the 38 official Comic-Con hotels, […]

History Brings BBQ to CCI

This summer, HISTORY® is taking BBQ to the next level with the Cross-Country Cookout, a nine–city tour of the hottest festivals in America, featuring the 80–footUltimate Smoker and Grill. This […]

I’m A Swag Hag Baby!

By the end of Comic Con, I was pretty much grabbing any swag that I could. I sounded like a zombie moaning “Swaaaaaag” and reaching out towards the people who […]


Are you in the armed forces? Are you deployed and therefore couldn’t make it to Comic-Con this year? Details are coming soon but we are giving away at least one […]