So You Want To Join The Imperial Army?

The new animated Star Wars series Rebels is set to debut this fall on Disney XD, and Lucasfilm has already begun pumping the hype machine by releasing these specially made […]

Win A Dexter San Diego Comic-Con Bag!

While going through some stuff at home I came across a few different San Diego Comic-Con bags! Instead of letting them sit around and collect dust, I thought I’d share […]

Check out the Kick-Ass 2 Fan Zone!

Kick-Ass 2 is really reaching out to the fans here at Comic-Con and now even people who don’t have passes can get in on the fun! Also fans are encouraged […]

Shipping Your Weight in Swag

As the final day of your con trip winds down and the time comes to pack up your backs you may become overwhelmed with the mere thought of bringing back […]

Turn The Swag Into Cash!

Everyone and their mother knows that people will more than likely pay out the nose for anything in the name of “collecting”. A great number of people go to Comic-Con […]