Supernatural S12E19: “The Future”

I couldn’t watch last night’s episode live, but when I heard that Dean made Cas a mixtape (of his top 13 “Zepp Traxx,” no less), I knew I had a […]

Supernatural S12E18: “The Memory Remains”

Every family has its demons–some might just actually be gods living under said family’s basement, demanding blood sacrifices in return for wealth. Extreme, yeah, but as the saying goes, “You’re […]

Supernatural S12E14: “The Raid”

“The Raid,” the latest offering from fan-favorite writer, Robert Berens, opens on a standoff between Mary and her sons. She’s still trying to get them to see where she’s coming […]

Supernatural S12E13: “Family Feud”

Well, I guess Supernatural’s good-episode streak had to end sometime, and it’s no surprise that it ended with one written by the Dynamic Duo themselves, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. […]

Supernatural S12E11: “Regarding Dean”

Amnesia is one of the biggest tropes in fandom, so when news broke that season 12 would include an episode where Dean loses his memory, fandom went nuts. It’s been […]