Supernatural S12E19: “The Future”

I couldn’t watch last night’s episode live, but when I heard that Dean made Cas a mixtape (of his top 13 “Zepp Traxx,” no less), I knew I had a […]

Supernatural S12E18: “The Memory Remains”

Every family has its demons–some might just actually be gods living under said family’s basement, demanding blood sacrifices in return for wealth. Extreme, yeah, but as the saying goes, “You’re […]

Supernatural S12E14: “The Raid”

“The Raid,” the latest offering from fan-favorite writer, Robert Berens, opens on a standoff between Mary and her sons. She’s still trying to get them to see where she’s coming […]

Supernatural S12E9: “First Blood”

We did it, guys–we made it through yet another hellatus! Everyone rested? Seen the new Ackles twins? Caught up on Misha’s Snapchat poetry readings? Celebrated a renewal for season 13 […]

Supernatural S12E8: “LOTUS”

With the episode that aired right after the election, and now last night’s midseason finale, the eerie relevance to current events coming from Supernatural’s storylines has been, well, supernatural (I’m […]