Agents of Shield at SDCC 2016

  Hey guys, here are the roundtables for Agents of Shield at San Diego Comic Con, 2016! Everyone was buzzing about the reveal of Ghostrider, and where Daisy might be […]

CW’s Arrow Roundtables at SDCC 2016

Hey guys, here our the Arrow videos from the SDCC roundtables! Again, two videos are having issues, so I will have transcripts up later. However I wanted to get these […]

The Flash Roundtables at SDCC 2016

Hey guys, it’s taking us a while, but finally we have our Flash videos up from SDCC! Two of our videos got corrupted, however, and I’ll have the transcripts up […]

SDCC 2016: Marvel Studios Panel

Last year, many fans were disappointed that Marvel Studios decided not to bring anything new to San Diego Comic Con. Fortunately for every comics nerd and movie enthusiast who made […]