Which Cons Are You Attending?

Since we’re still waiting on word on when we can all register for a Member ID for San Diego Comic Con, I thought I’d post something a little more fun. […]

Noob, Pro or Inbetween?

We here at W.N.A. are quite the nosey folks. We’re curious about our readers and would like to find out how many times you’ve been to San Diego-Comic Con. Please […]

Hotel Poll: How Did You Do?

Now that the some of the dust has settled, how did you fair in the mad dash for a hotel for San Diego Comic Con? I kept an eye on […]

Hotel Poll Results Are In!

First I want to thank everyone who took part in the poll and those of you who left comments. I was honestly surprised by the turn out! It’s actually pretty […]

Poll: Have You Booked A Hotel?

I’ve already booked a hotel for SDCC but I’m wondering about the rest of you! If you’ve already booked feel free to leave a comment letting us know when you […]