SDCC 2017 Parking Lottery Now Open!

While the official San Diego Comic Con/CCI Site hasn’t updated to include the information, Ace Parking has opened up their parking lottery for SDCC–before the general registration for tickets has […]

Comic-Con Parking On Sale 4/19

Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie for pointing this out! According to the ACE Parking website, general parking will open on April 19th, 9AM PST. Right now the prices shown are […]

San Diego Comic-Con Parking To Open Mid-April

You have your hotel (hopefully). You have your badges. Is there anything else you might need? Oh! I know! Parking! ACE Parking has been sending out emails letting people know […]

SDCC 12: Parking Passes Are Available!

Are you one of the brave souls who are looking to park in downtown San Diego as they attend the con? if so, your time has now arrived to pre-pay […]

Pre-Pay or Not to Pre-Pay?

I actually started this post before parking went on sale. You can now purchase SDCC Parking! I was a rookie last year but I knew parking and driving was going […]

Park It Here?

Post by Mario Park It Here? By Mario Candelaria When looking up information regarding parking near the San Diego downtown for Comic-Con there is one constant message; “All hope abandon […]