Get Your Hands On The PS4 At Comic-Con

PlayStation is gearing up for Comic-Con in a big way. Fans will be able to get their hands on the PS4! Below you’ll find all the plans that PlayStation has […]

SEGA Arcade Returns To San Diego

SEGA Arcade Returns to San Diego Comic Con San Diego Comic Con is almost here, and we’re excited to share details of what SEGA games will be there. For the […]

BioWare Is Visiting San Diego Comic-Con

BioWare announced they’ll be sharing booth space with Dark Horse Comics this year at Comic-Con. Community Manager Jessica Merizan will have members of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect teams. […]

Gam3rCon Schedule Is Out!

If you’ve been waiting for the Gam3rCon schedule to be released, your wait is over. The event will be taking place during San Diego Comic-Con at 10th Avenue Theater. Tickets […]

Xbox IllumiRoom Concept Show at CES

Microsoft showed off their latest interactive gaming peripheral, The IllumiRoom, earlier today at CES. The device shows how your entire room can be transformed into a full gaming experience that […]