The Cost Of Comic-Con: 2013 Edition

(I made a small adjustment because I completely forget about the costs for the Nerd HQ panels. It didn’t add a huge amount to the total but it’s another cost […]

The Cost Of Comic-Con: 2012 Edition

We did a few of these last year which you can read here and here. We actually had an email asking for this, which I hope means that these type […]

Your SDCC Cost Submissions

A few of you responded and here’s what you had to say about your San Diego Comic Con costs! Shawn is a semi-local: Below is the budget that my wife […]

The Cost Of Comic Con

Mario has suggested that each one of us here at the blog take the time to share our Comic Con costs. I think it’s a great idea! We’re all from […]

What are your Comic Con costs?

We’re working on writing up our own posts on what San Diego Comic Con has cost us but we’d love to be able to share costs from around the country […]