#AshvsEvilDead S2E6 Review: Trapped Inside

Ash vs Evil Dead S2E6: Trapped Inside Original Air Date: November 6th, 2016 Warning: Spoilers After last week’s run-in with Baal, the gang (Ash, Ruby, Kelly, Pablo, Linda and Lacey) […]

#AshvsEvilDead S2E4 Review: DUI

Ash Vs Evil Dead, S2E4: DUI Original air date: October 23, 2016 Warning: Spoilers “Everyone I’ve ever loved has been taken from me.” Last we saw, the Delta had killed […]

#AshvsEvilDead S2E2 Review: “The Morgue”

Ash vs Evil Dead S2E2: “The Morgue” Original air date: October 9th 2016 Warning: Spoilers “That is horrible, and also awesome.” That is the one line that can sum up […]