Hold Onto That Badge After Comic-Con!

The Toucan Blog has been throwing some great advice out there lately to get everyone prepared for Comic-Con this year. This advice though is important to pay attention to for […]

How To Be Awesome In The Hall H Line

Ah, Hall H. It’s become it’s own mini-convention over the years. We’ve all said at one point in time that we would never camp out overnight for a panel. Then […]

A Few Random Comic-Con Reminders And Tips

Remember That: You can take food inside the convention center. If you know you’re going to be camped out in a room all day be sure to bring something with […]

Sketchbooks? How Does That Work?

I’ve had a few people ask about sketchbooks lately. Normally it’s when I mention mine on Twitter. We already have one post about it here but you can never have […]

Meeting Celebs Part One: Hotels

Celebrity encounters are one of the more sought after experiences of going to Comic-Con. There is a world of a difference between someone saying “Oh Hey! I was like 39 […]

A Few Air Travel Tips

Many of us, myself included, will be flying into San Diego for Comic-Con. This can be another level of stress to an already stressful event. Here are a few tips […]

Just The Tip

When it comes to budgeting for any trip there’s one expense that’s often overlooked yet when the time comes to pony up some coin for it most of us don’t […]

Shipping Your Weight in Swag

As the final day of your con trip winds down and the time comes to pack up your backs you may become overwhelmed with the mere thought of bringing back […]