Your Smartphone Can Be Your Trolley Pass!

That’s right! If you download the mTicket app your Smartphone becomes your Trolley pass! Let’s face it—Comic-Con is a great time, but it also means waiting in lines. Lots of […]

#1 Rule: Accept The Fact You’ll Miss Things

If there’s one thing I always stress to people attending San Diego Comic-Con for the first time, it’s this. You will miss things. You’ll miss panels. You’ll miss parties. You’ll […]

Our Comic-Con Condo Experience

I’ve mentioned before that we decided to go with a condo this year instead of a hotel. We had a few reasons as to why but the number one reason […]

CCI Releases Hall H Camping Rules

It doesn’t look like much has changed but be sure to read it! Hall H/Plaza Park Lines For safety issues we cannot allow anyone to line up in Plaza Park […]

Surfliner: Reservations required during Comic-Con

If you’re planning on taking the Surfliner during Comic-Con, please pay attention to this! Via SDDT Because of the upcoming Comic-Con International convention and opening of the Del Mar races, […]