San Diego Comic-Con FAQ

In order to help you with your San Diego Comic-Con planning, we’ve decided to start a little FAQ page. Here you’ll find basic information plus a few tips.

What Is The Difference Between CCI and SDCC?
CCI stands for Comic-Con International. You could call them the governing body of San Diego Comic-Con. They are responsible for others events as well like WonderCon and APE. SDCC is what most fans call San Diego Comic-Con.

When Is San Diego Comic-Con 2013?
July 18th-21st

What Are The Hours?
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30AM – 7:00PM
Sunday: 9:30AM – 5:00PM

Extended program hours Thursday, Friday, and Saturday after 7:00PM: This means screenings, costume contest and more.

What Is Preview Night?
Preview Night is open to 4-day with Preview Night badgeholders, plus professionals and press. Sometimes there are special screenings and it’s a good time to purchase any exclusives you want might. Plus it helps with the “lay of the land” and can help you plan out the rest of your Con better.

Where Do I Buy SDCC Badges?

Where Do I Get A Member ID? Do I Need One?
Member ID Sign Up and yes, you need one! In order to purchase a badge for the event you and everyone in your group must have a Member ID.

When Do Badges Go On Sale?
February 16th, 9AM PST

Last Year The Email Link Didn’t Work! Advice?
Instead of clicking the link that comes in the badge sale email, try to copy/paste the link into your browser.

What About Hotels?
Those will be made available through CCI via TravelPlanners. In years past hotels have gone on sale around March. Once we know for sure, we’ll be passing the information along. You can find out more on the hotels here. HOTELS WILL OPEN UP FEBRUARY 26TH, 9AM PST.

When Are Panels/Guests Announced?
The final panel/guest lists isn’t officially announced until a week or two before San Diego Comic-Con. Normally though news will start leaking out before then. Please keep in mind that the schedule can change at anytime and often does.

Are Autographs Free?
Yes & No. The signings at official booths, like WB or CBS, are free. There are a few sessions that are set up by other vendors that do cost though, like Lightspeed Fine Art. They can cost anywhere from $20 and up.

How Do Autograph Signings Work?
Every booth is different but in most cases you’ll need a ticket which are given away earlier in the day normally in the Sails Pavillion. In some cases though you just line up at a certain time and hope to meet the cut off. You can read about how WB handled autographs last year here.

What About Photo Ops?
Normally photo ops are available but they cost. In years past Froggys Photos has handled ops but there’s no word on this year yet. Sometimes if you’re lucky you’ll be able to get a quick photo while attending a signing but please listen to any rules that are set up. Plus its San Diego Comic Con! Chances are very high that you’ll run into a celeb while walking around town.

What Are Exclusives?
“Exclusives” are items that can only be purchased or picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. It can be anything from a figure, poster or something as simple as a keychain.

What is Swag?
Swag is what we call all the free goodies you get! Many of the booths give away items throughout the Convention. You’ll find items like shirts, posters, prints, buttons and more. Some swag is even handed out in panels or outside the convention center.

Tell Me More About Panels!
Panels are held in various rooms around the convention center and in neighboring hotels. The largest room is Hall H followed by Ballroom 20. In years past BR20 has been the go to room for TV shows, while Hall H was designated for movies. That’s been changing though and last year a few shows found themselves filling Hall H. A panel is basically a large Q&A but can include surprises as well like sneak peaks, special videos put together just for SDCC and even musical performances.

Can I Take Photos?
Yes. But you’re asked not to film any footage that is shown. In many cases these videos are put together just for San Diego Comic-Con.

Do They Clear The Rooms Between Panels?

What If I Have To Use The Bathroom During A Panel?
They hand out bathroom passes during panels but you must be back before that panel ends. This is to cut down on people leaving a room for 3 panels and coming back later for the one they really want.

I’m A Cosplayer. Where Do I Find The Rules On That?
You can find all that information here.

What About Childcare?
As it gets closer to the event you’ll find that here

What Is This NerdHQ I’ve Been Hearing About?
NerdHQ is an off-site event that is separate from SDCC. You DO NOT need a badge to check it out. They offer their own panels and events. It was started by Zachary Levi of “Chuck” fame and has been a huge hit. Unlike SDCC, they do charge a small fee (normally $20) for panels but all that money goes to Operation Smile. You can learn more about NerdHQ here.

Wait, Off-Site Events?
Yes. San Diego Comic-Con is no longer confined to the convention center. You’ll find events going on all around town including movie screenings, parties, themed restaurants and even concerts. So if you only managed to snag a badge for a day or two, have no fear. There is plenty to do away from the actual convention. You can read about last years events here, here, and here.

How Can I Stay Up To Date?
The best way is Twitter. Even if you don’t use it to interact with anyone I recommend having an account for San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll find that it’s the fastest way to hear about news and events plus many studios are now having contests during the Con. Be sure to follow #SDCC as well to help weed through all the tweets.

OK, But Who Should I Follow?
Seat42F: He’s always on top of announcing panels.
SDCCNerdsAttack: Our account.
Crazy4ComicCon: Tony is another great SDCC resource.
Comic_Con: The official San Diego Comic-Con account.

Once studios announce their San Diego Comic-Con accounts I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

But I Have More Questions!
If you have more questions be sure to check out the San Diego Comic-Con website. This is where you’ll find all the important information. You really should add it to your favorite places and check it frequently. If you have a question you think we can answer you can contact us here and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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