Lovecraft Country S1E4 Review: A History of Violence

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Lovecraft Country: A History of Violence

Original air date: September 6th, 2020

Warning: Spoilers

From haunted house last week to a Vernian, action-adventure this week! This week was like a love child of Indiana Jones and The Goonies. Honestly this show has something for everyone—could it be more perfect? Yes, because I have a strong suspicion that there will be time travel showing up soon, if it hasn’t already (but, more on that in a bit).

Before I go into all my theories, I want to take a moment to talk about how detail oriented this show is—which is something I appreciate and is done so well on this show. Props to showrunner Misha Green and the writers for infusing so much Black history into the story and for not sugar coating the harsh truth of America’s past and in reality, our present.

The picture hanging in the library where Leti finds Tic is W. E. B. Du Bois (one of the founders of the NAACP, writer, and civil rights activist).

A fun little Easter egg—Leti’s outfit at the museum resembled that of Lynn Whitfield’s in Eve’s Bayou (one of Jurnee Smollett’s first movies—also an awesome movie worth a watch). I’m sure there are even more things that I’ve missed in these episodes.

I know last week I missed out on the fact it was Emmett Till that asked the Ouija board if he was going to have a good trip with his family. Emmitt Till was 14 when he was lynched for “offending” a white woman at a grocery store in Mississippi. Again, there are so many details entwined in this story that I think I will see something new every time I watch it, and I plan on multiple views—the show is just that good! Alright on to my speculations.

So I think we can all agree Titus Braithwhite was not a good person, and seeing all his appropriated treasures in the museum, plus the magically enslavement of Yahima Marakoti just drives that message home. Now, I don’t think the Arawak were chosen at random. Just about all indigenous people have been exploited throughout history so why the Arawak? One notable Arawak comes to mind—Tituba. She was the first woman accused of witchcraft in Salem, prompting the Salem witch trials.  Who else was in Salem? Keziah Mason (fictionally), and I think she will appear in the show. Or maybe Yahima was an interpretation of Keziah?

Montrose is a conundrum. Is he doing what he thinks is best for his family, or is he working for the Order of the Ancient Dawn? I think he is just trying to do right by Tic, but killing Yahima is a dick move. Is it to protect Tic or to protect the Order? Is he going to fess up to doing it or let them think someone else did? Leti knows Christina can’t enter the house, so will she suspect him?

Montrose also burned the book of bylaws for the Order of the Ancient Dawn. (Nice of him to memorize it beforehand). When he does set it aflame, he says it, “smells like Tulsa”. The Tulsa race massacre happened in 1921, and in the first episode it was mentioned that George, Montrose and Dora grew up there, so it is reasonable to believe they were there during the massacre and part of the lucky few to survive. With that in mind, plus his kidnapping, and every other interaction with white people, I can see why Montrose wants to keep Tic from pursuing the translation of the pages from the Book of Names. The more I think about it the more I’m leaning to Montrose doing all that he is doing in an attempt to keep Tic safe.

Last week, I was like Hippolyta just saw this weird thing (now we know it’s called an orrery) and didn’t tell anyone? Um, okay. Well not only that, she took it from Leti’s house to study it and try to get it working. That’s cool, but walking out with it after a party? Hippolyta is big into astronomy. (She even named a comet!) She is obsessed with getting the orrery to work, which we know is the key to time travel. I don’t know if it is important, but maybe when all the boarders were moving in with Leti, someone shouts down to Leti a door is locked, and she says, “just pick it.” Did they, or did the room open up just for Hippolyta?

In the trailers we see Hippolyta in what looks to be Egyptian attire, and also we see her in twenties clothing. I think she gets the key in Ardham and gets the orrery working, which she will use to rewrite history. Maybe balance the scales of justice or tip them in favor of Black people. How cool would it be if she creates a new world order? Ideally, one of equality, but I wouldn’t blame her for making the oppressors, the oppressed. Also, maybe we can see the return of Uncle George.

Another reason I’m leaning towards time travel is something that happened last episode and in the first. The opening dream sequence had Jackie Robinson say, “I got you kid.” Then last week Montrose told the story of the stranger that helped him and George for a group of white boys, swinging the bat like Jackie, saying “I got you kid.” I think the stranger is Tic, time traveling. He knows the story so well it was like he was there. I think we have a little time loop or bootstrap theory going on.

Finally, between this show and Wynonna Earp I’m looking at stairs in a whole new light. On that subject (sort of), have we ever seen William and Christina in the same room together? Are they one in the same? Yahima said they were of two spirits (we see Yahima was a hermaphrodite) and it makes me wonder if possibly Christina was born the same way, but magically split by Samuel Braithwhite. So only one can be in existence at a time. Or maybe she does it herself, just to have some power. The only thing I do know is I can’t wait for next week and the one thing I really want to happen is that Captain Seamus Lancaster gets his comeuppance!

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