The Flash S6E12, Review – A Girl Named Sue

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Ralph has been noticeably missing from Team Flash as he focuses on his search for Sue Dearborn. Barry tried to help him pre-Crisis, but they turned up no leads. Now he’s received his first lead in a long time– that Sue’s bank account has been accessed. 

The two meet just as an explosion rocks Sue’s apartment. It seems an ex-boyfriend, John Loring, is hunting her for breaking up with him. As an arms dealer, he has easy access to chase her down and make sure she stays quiet about what he’s been doing. Sue believes if she can find his deals ledger, she’ll have enough evidence to put him away for good. Then she’ll be able to return to her loving family safely.

Ralph decides to help her, and the two struggle to take control of the situation as they search for her ex-boyfriend’s ledger. Sue is talented at sneaking around and knowing exactly where to go. Whenever Ralph asks about the various skills she displays, she chalks it up to her privileged lifestyle and running away from a murderous arms dealer. Things take a turn for the worse when Sue reveals her true nature: she’s a thief. She tricked Ralph into thinking she was in trouble when she had been trying to steal Loring’s Diamond the whole time. Despite being betrayed, Ralph continues to protect Sue from Loring’s men and Ultraviolet, essentially helping her escape. Barry shows up on the scene just in time to help Ralph before Loring’s men overtake him. 

Oblivious to the struggle Iris has been going through, we peek into her current situation with Eva McCulloch inside of the mirror. The once thought dead Eva has been trapped inside this mirror world this whole time, thanks to the particle accelerator explosion. Having lost hope long ago, Eva shoots down each of Iris’ ideas and scoffs at any attempt she makes trying to escape. Iris is determined, and in a last-ditch attempt, manages to convince Eva to try one more time with her. It goes terribly but results in Eva discovering she can control the mirror as they are bonded. This might be the best lead they have to escape from the mirror prison.

Black Hole’s intentions are still unclear, as well as how they plan to use McCulloch Technologies in their plans. The Citizen seems to be the only group keeping track of the organization. Team Flash is split up, and have only provided support on the missions. I hope Iris makes it back to the real world to take control and get answers to some of these questions.

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