The Flash S6E11, Review – Love is a Battlefield

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Iris is ready to take down McCulloch Technologies, with or without Barry’s help. In the last episode, she threw caution to the wind and nearly got herself killed by uncovering the truth. It wasn’t a surprise; Iris is the type of journalist to act first before asking for help. Now, with Team Citizen behind her, she still chooses to keep them in the dark on what she is planning. It’s no surprise that Iris wishes to take control of her investigation, with Barry only acting as support when she needs it.

The episode starts with Iris and Barry sharing a lovely breakfast, then moves on to a romantic dinner, in which Iris shows off her Italian skills. The breakfast should have been red flag number one for Barry when he ate it and survived; Iris has never been able to cook an edible meal, and certainly can’t speak Italian. Her attitude throughout the episode was slightly off– while still determined in her research, she was reckless and practically ignored Barry. I was sure this wasn’t the real Iris from the start, but a breakdown of her feelings post-Crisis with Barry was almost enough to sway me.

This slightly-off Iris had the confidence to take on Amunet by joining with her to steal an item needed to read minds. Amunet, swayed by Iris’ wish to fix her marriage, accepts her help, and the two work together. That is until Goldface arrives on the scene to take the item for his own. It’s also to rub it in Amunet’s face that he doesn’t need her, as they have broken up. For the majority of the episode, the two have done nothing but undermine each other. It isn’t until Barry shows up and releases pollen in the air, allowing the two to hear their thoughts, do Goldface and Amunet begin to see eye to eye. Not wanting to say it out loud, they still care for each other, and it puts a stop to their fighting. It’s fitting for Valentine’s episode, as it’s not often two Villains can find love in Central City.

The best part of the episode was Goldface and Amunet’s path to finding love again. It was more exciting than watching a rogue Iris go off on her own, as Barry awkwardly learns to love her while trying not to protect her every moment of the day. Hopefully, someone will be able to call this fake Iris out and begin a search for the real Iris.

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