The Flash S6E10, Review – Marathon

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With the Earth saved and Crisis averted, we’re now back to The Flash. The Crisis changed a lot for the show, which is quickly summarized by Cisco. The most significant change is there is no multiverse. The merging of worlds means that other Earths and their inhabitants have been lost for good, including Harry and Jesse.

The revelation has Cisco upset, taking his anger out on Nash, who had helped set up the events of Crisis. No one else on Team Flash has expressed grief over the news, which is strange considering how influential Harry was over the group. For instance, Barry seems elated to have survived Crisis now that he’s home. After preparing himself for his inevitable death, he now has a second chance to live. It doesn’t take long for survivor’s guilt to eat at him though; something Diggle helps him through on a quick visit from Star City.

With Barry isolating himself from the team, Iris becomes reckless in the search for more information on the mysterious organization, Black Hole. We were briefly introduced to this group before Crisis took over. Allegra’s cousin, Esperanza, is connected to them and working as an assassin, but we don’t know how far their network reaches. Not until an insider working for McCulloch Technologies reaches out to Iris with information. McCulloch Technologies has been passing on tech to Black Hole. Still, it goes deeper than just a sale, and Iris is determined to see where it goes. While investigating how deep the connection is, the charismatic CEO, Joseph Carver, intervenes to throw Iris off the trail.

Iris ignores Cecile and Joe’s warnings that she’s going too hard. She’s working as if she’s running out of time, that she has nothing to live for. She has Barry now, and a newspaper to run. With her refusal to back down, a hit is placed on her to put a stop to her investigation. An assassin named Doctor Light, who takes her orders from Carver, seeks out Iris at her office. Her power seems to eliminate organic life by leaving the surrounding environment untouched. After several attempts, Team Flash intervenes long enough so Iris can confront Carver to call off the hit.

Iris manages to scare Carver enough with her information at hand, and he puts an end to her hit. Iris gets her second chance, but it doesn’t last long as curiosity gets the best of her, and she explores deeper into McCulloch Technologies’ facilities. Her search rewards her with being taken into a mirror world, leaving no trace she was in the building.

With their first villain match up post-Ciris, Cisco feels the weight of failure on his shoulders and decides to leave Central City temporarily. His goal is to explore the new merged world and notate the differences from the Earth he once knew. Before leaving, he apologies to Nash for taking his anger out on him, asking Nash to help the team in his absence. With Team Flash’s downsizing and the expanding villain roster, it’ll be interesting to see how they’re able to handle defending the city in the post-Crisis world.

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