Crisis on Infinite Earths, Pt 4 and 5

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Picking up from the cliffhanger, we watch the six Paragons struggle to make sense of their new situation. As far as they know, their worlds have been destroyed, and they will do anything to re-establish their timeline. The journey becomes a confusing jumble that involves entering into the Speed Force to bring them to the dawn of time. As they travel, they are split up and have to experience past events, that seemingly do not affect them, to reunite once more. A Specter leads them through it, represented by the form of Oliver Queen, to the dawn of time so they can take on the Anti-Monitor and rebirth their universe.

The various scenes make it feel disconnected, with a dash of cameos sprinkled in. Each part leading up to the final battle didn’t resonate with me as much as the previous episodes. We got the backstory on how the Monitor and Anti-Monitor came to be, but it took away from the ending. It broke up the flow within the story, which could have been better explained at the beginning.

Olivier’s last stand with the team felt like his final good deed in the making up for the life he had lived. He saved his friends and guided them home; nothing more could be asked of him. It felt like a hero’s goodbye, one he deserved. Barry and Sara were the ones who paid him a farewell, a fitting duo amongst those who were left.

The next episode focuses on the transition from a multiverse to one Earth, Earth-Prime. Here, all Arrowverse shows live together on one Earth, including Black Lightning. Each show has a moment where they establish their new history and begin to understand where that leaves them now, such as Kara learning not only is Lex a good guy but her boss who loves Supergirl and Superman. That has been the hardest news to swallow.

At first, we realize it is only the Paragons that remember their time before they all came to Earth-Prime. However, J’onn won’t let the heroes and their team live in ignorance for long. He visits Star Labs, where Nash is recovering with team Flash and restores their memories. Now they remember; Nash helped spur on this crisis, one that may not be over.

Nash reveals the Anti-Monitor cannot be killed or destroyed; only his form can be changed. Thus begins the most gratifying fight of the DC Universe. While Ryan and Ray come together to create a bomb to break the Anti-Monitors form for good, the Paragons are targeted by shadow demons to prevent them from stopping another Crisis. This time, they don’t have to fight alone. The various teams come together in one last showdown.

It’s so satisfying to see everyone in action. The team-ups we don’t usually get to see working flawlessly together to bring down the Anti-Monitor for good is more than I could hope for. Finally, they manage to bring him down and save Earth-Prime. The world is now well aware of this group of heroes, made possible by Oliver’s sacrifice, one even the President acknowledges.

The last shot is of various heroes coming together in an abandoned warehouse to say goodbye to Oliver. The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Sara, and J’onn convene around a table with eight chairs, a familiar sight to those who are fans of the Justice League. Now on one Earth, anytime their world is in danger, they can come together and protect it. This gives me high hopes for crossovers in the future. This can also open shows up to smaller cameos in different shows, without the high ticket Villian hanging over to bring everyone together.

There is a lot we still do not know about the new Earth-Prime. While it seems the multiverse is gone, we’re left seeing Earth-2 surviving with the latest hero; Stargirl. Various other Earths are panned over, home to shows that already have been established, and others that haven’t been. Part four was one of the weaker episodes for me, but part five made up for it with a stellar team up with classic DC heroes. I think the writers handled their crossover so well; it can rival the MCU from what it has given us.

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