The Flash S6E6, Review – License to Elongate

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The shift in the storytelling formula for The Flash has been a welcome change. After multiple seasons of searching for Metas and defending Central City from them, The Flash has finally found its groove in telling their storyline. While the focus thus far has been on life after Barry dies, each member of Team Flash has been featured in a new light.

Barry now turns his attention to Ralph. In preparing for his death, he wants someone to be the pillar of hope for Central City, and that is going to be Elongated Man. He wants to surprise Ralph with the news at a special ceremony, but instead, finds himself wrapped up in Ralph’s ongoing mystery.

When first introduced, Ralph was the down on his luck-jokester who once had high hopes of being an esteemed police officer. He had trouble finding his place as a P.I., and then as a Meta-human hero, but now he’s back teaching Barry a few things. Together, they go to an underground gambling ring to try and uncover where Sue Dearborn has vanished. Ralph keeps his cool through the ordeal– and powers in check– while Barry remains nervous and falls back on his speed when in trouble. It results in them getting captured and nearly killed before Ralph manages to free them. Barry has been so preoccupied with his impending death, he didn’t even notice Ralph blossom into a talented detective. Their work didn’t exactly lead to finding Sue, but it did show Central City is in good hands with Ralph.

Unbeknownst to Barry, Nash doesn’t believe Barry has to die. His goal has been to locate the most is the Monitor, and thinks the Monitor is exaggerating the need for Barry’s death. We know Barry saw multiple possibilities of the future, with the only reasonable outcome being when he dies. I’m not sure if Nash is to be believed, but once he gets to the Monitor, we may have our answer. In his journey, he asks Allegra for help, as her powers would be the best to unearth his hideaway. It comes with some convincing, but Nash may have made a connection with her and gained her help for good.

After Barry and Ralph’s adventure, the ceremony with Elongated Man goes off without a hitch. Joe even manages a surprise for Barry, recognizing him for all the work he’s done as a forensic scientist. He doesn’t just help the city as The Flash, but as Barry too.

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