Creepshow on Shudder: Worth It?

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Review: Shudder’s Creepshow, Season One

Original air date: currently streaming


I waited to watch all the episodes before writing this review, because the big thing I wanted to know and tell you was: is this show worth signing up for another streaming service? After watching the series, my best answer is—maybe?

                                                    (Image from Bad Wolf Down)

I’m a horror movie buff, love them. I’m a fan of the original Creepshow movie and it’s sequel. Horror anthologies are nothing new—Washington Irving started them back in the late 1700’s, and this modern series adaptation doesn’t reinvent the genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun, highly entertaining watch. If you’re a fan of the original, then you will like the series. There are some big talents behind the series and in front of the camera. This series is a labor of love and it shows. Showrunner Greg Nicotero has worked with George Romero, learned from him, and captured the essence of the original movies and all that made them great.

                                                                             (Image from Lydia Layne’s Better Half)

Creepshow is six episodes, each with two stories about 25 minutes long, so it will be easy to binge. Each story is stand-alone, so it doesn’t even matter what order you watch it in, just start one and enjoy. The series has a little bit of everything. Every story is different– from super creepy, to super funny, to somewhere in between. Some are straight forward; some will leave you debating on what was real or not.  I feel like I’m being vague, but really the stories are all over the map, and I don’t mean that as a negative—it’s what I liked about the series. Whether you like slasher flicks, or prefer your horror more on the thriller side, the show will appease you. Did I love every story? No, some were better than others, but I think that boils down to personal preference. Each story was well filmed and well-acted.

                                                                        (Image from Times is Tough in Musky Holler)

I think Creepshow was quality entertainment and I enjoyed it more than some of their other original content. But the thing is, there are so many streaming services (we just got one more with Disney+). Shudder is between 4-5 dollars a month (depending on if you pay for a year or month to month).  So, it boils down to if you want to spend that money. If you like scary movies, I think it is worth the cost. I mean, if you red box a movie here and there you can easily spend that in a month, and with Shudder you get a lot of content.

                                                                      (Image from The House of the Head–My favorite of the series)

Now I haven’t tried this, but apparently you can get some of Shudder through Amazon Prime, including Creepshow. But the reviews say it is a bit glitchy. If you aren’t yet sold on Shudder or this series, there is the one-week trial for free, but you would have to be proactive to cancel after the week is through. So what it boils down to, is do you like scary movies? Then Shudder is the streaming service for you. Also if you answered yes to the scary movie question (which I hope you read in the appropriate voice) then you will enjoy the Creepshow series.



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