The Flash S6E3, Review – Dead Man Running

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One of the best recurring characters on The Flash is Harrison Wells. So far, each season has brought on a new incarnation of him across the multiverse. While Thawne is free, this season is no different with an artifact-searching Harrison “Nash” Wells. We’re given no more than a brief introduction to him, and nothing sticks out too much about his personality other than his Indiana Jones outfit. While a common Harrison Wells personality trait is to be standoffish and resist any help, we have seen a few variations in the past. This Wells seems no different; resistant to friends and escapes from Cisco and Iris as soon as he can. More than likely, he’ll find his way into the team soon enough.

The main focus remains on Barry, who is dealing with his impending death. While he’s trying to live optimistically, Iris and himself haven’t revealed the full extent to the team just yet. Team Flash now knows of the impending crisis, but not that Barry won’t be surviving it.

With the appearance of Harrison Wells, and an attack surrounding Dr. Ramsey Rosso at his lab, the team doesn’t have much time to sit and process what Barry and Iris told them. Frost works with Barry to find out which Meta attacked Dr. Rosso. He is someone who worked with Caitlin until she left to Star Labs, and who has been relatively quiet the past couple of episodes. Fueled to find a cure for HLH cancer, the same disease that recently killed his mother and now him, has been experimenting with dark matter– specifically, by injecting it into himself. The result hasn’t been a cure, but to turn himself into something different… not a human with Meta powers, but a monster.

During the investigation, Barry and Dr. Rosso butt heads over their conflicting views of their death sentence. Barry is similar to Dr. Rosso’s mother, accepting his diagnosis and continuing to live. Dr. Rosso wants to fight and find a cure, no matter the cost. The cost, it turns out, would be to turn himself into a monster. He uses a dark matter dealer to experiment with a cure and instead turns him into a mindless zombie. When they finally locate the dealer, he’s a mindless being in search of dark matter. It takes overloading him to defeat him, but Barry is left without clues to his origin. Not even Frost suspects Dr. Rosso being behind his creation, despite her earlier suspicions that the Doctor isn’t being entirely truthful.

The conflict inspires Barry to come clean to the team and be honest with what he learned. That, and Frost guessing it from their time working together. She’s afraid to die herself, and the way Barry has spoken leads her to believe he won’t be with them long. He goes into detail with Team Flash, answering the same questions he had. I thought the team would be more outspoken, but they have all taken Barry’s word that these are the last few months they’ll have with him.

This has been the most supporting character-focused season yet. It almost feels as if they are building up everyone around Barry to prepare to survive without him. Dibny’s mother being introduced and learning about their relationship dove deeper into Dibney as a character and how he opens himself to others. Like Cecile, learning more about Dibney has given another dimension that can be used on the show later.

Every episode seems like a countdown to December, and I’m hoping we won’t have to say goodbye to Barry for good.

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