The Flash S6E2, Review – A Flash of the Lightning

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What is a Flash episode without time travel? With The Monitor revealing that Barry’s death is now happening a lot sooner, Barry feels compelled to stop it. They stopped Iris’ death, so why not his own? When trying to run into the future to see what they will be facing, Barry is stopped by dark matter that then attacks him and prevents him from moving forward. He has messed with time so much– perhaps this is finally a way to stop him. Desperate for a look into the future, he heads to Jay Garrick’s Earth for help.

Time travel has never served Barry well, and while Jay Garrick usually wouldn’t be on board, he thinks Barry is onto something. Jay can propel his consciousness into the future, bypassing the dark matter block that had attacked him. Barry is all for it; anything to give him an edge.

Suddenly, Barry’s mind is propelled into the future on the date of his supposed death. Not only does he experience that, but he also experiences billions of other possibilities. The only future where Earth and his friends survive is the one where he dies, which sends him spiraling. He’s listless and can’t see the point in fighting anymore. Iris tries to remind him that they will fight until the end, just as they have always done when faced with an impossible future. Barry doesn’t react, seemingly resigned that his days are numbered.

While Barry is time traveling, the team is unaware of what he is up to. Central City is relatively quiet until a case Cecile is prosecuting goes off the rails. I didn’t expect Cecile’s powers to be explored more this season and assumed her development wouldn’t be revisited. She’s prosecuting a former juvie resident, Allegra Gracia, who is accused of killing a motorist. Her Electromagnetic Meta-Human powers make her particularly dangerous, but Cecile doesn’t believe she’s the killer. Cecile’s feelings aren’t a guess; they are her powers and should be accepted as truth, even if evidence doesn’t support that. Joe is skeptical and reminds Cecile she’s the prosecutor– if the defense attorney can’t be bothered to help Allegra, perhaps Cecile should rethink her interest.

Cecile struggles with her job as a prosecutor in the face of her powers. It’s not her job to prove Allegra’s innocence, but she can’t let an innocent person be locked away. With Cecile’s persistence, it’s revealed Allegra’s cousin is the killer. Esperanza, who was thought to be dead, has the same Meta-Human powers as Allegra. Her discovery reveals a network of Meta-Human trained assassins. It’s not something explored more, but we’re lead to believe Esperanza isn’t the only one out there.

With Allegra’s innocence proven, she’s free to begin her life again. Iris takes her on as an intern at the Central City Citizen, building up her small staff. With Iris’ focus not solely on team Flash, she can finally be independent of Barry. I missed Iris in the early seasons when she was more focused on being a journalist than sorting out Barry’s problems that he created himself.

Barry had seemingly given up on fighting for his future until a fatherly talk from Joe brings him back to reality. Despite his death being set in stone, Barry’s duty to protect Central City remains. With this renewed enthusiasm, he decides to reveal to Team Flash what they’re heading into. We won’t see the team’s reaction until the next episode, but I hope they won’t take the news too hard.

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