The Flash S6E1, Review – Into The Void

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The Flash has returned for Season 6, feeling fresh and revitalized. There isn’t a Meta of the week this time. Team Flash is taking on any villains or city-threatening incident on the regular, all while still managing a healthy work-home balance.

Cisco, a character I was sure was leaving based on his desperation to be cured of his powers, is still on the team. His girlfriend, Kamila, is in the know and happy to help out as Barry carries out his mission to protect the city. Caitlin is facing Killer Frost’s refusal to emerge by taking it slow, still affected by her father’s death, but remains an integral part of the team.

Iris and Barry, despite losing Nora, are going strong as a couple. Iris’ job is taking off as journalism becomes her sole focus, while Barry continues to work as a forensic scientist for CCPD while he protects the city. All in all, everyone seems happy.

I was worried that losing Nora and Thomas would bring the majority of the team down, and we’d be heading into this season as depressed as the last few have been. Instead, we see them processing their grief and taking it one step at a time. The same formula the episodes have been following is seemingly gone. Instead, they focus on where the characters are now until an incident rocks Central City.

Black holes have been appearing at random places across the city; while they aren’t powerful enough to destroy it, they are large enough to suck someone into them. A little investigation on Iris’ part leads us to believe a streamer named Chester may be the one responsible. She pulls up a video of the night in question, showing Chester building a gravitational wave emitter. When turned on, it creates a black hole that he touches right when the stream cuts out.

Chester is now in a catatonic state, unable to verbally communicate. It’s not until another black hole opens do we see Chester’s body react ever so slightly. Barry realizes his consciousness is in the black hole, and they can put a stop to this without anyone getting hurt. Despite the impossible situation, Barry holds firm in his conviction, and Team Flash manages to do it– reunite Chester’s body and consciousness together.

While black holes are a concern, the minor story of Dibney helping Killer Frost return is just as endearing. I hope to see more storylines of the team helping each other out, rather than continue to deal with new threats. This season’s villain hasn’t precisely been revealed, but Dr. Ramsey Rosso is a strong contender. I’m excited to see where this story will lead to and tie in with Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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