WNA Talks to Creepshow (2019) at SDCC’19

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So I was an odd child–my parents basically let me watch anything and I did. I loved Creepshow (1982), I still do. Directed by George A. Romero, screenplay by Stephen King the original Creepshow was spooky, funny and may have given me a healthy aversion to things locked in crates. Talking to Greg Nicotero (Showrunner), I expect this new anthology to be just as amazing as the original movie, and the sequel (which I enjoyed just as much as the original).  Creepshow will air on Shudder (the online streaming service) in September and I cannot wait!


Tricia Helfer

Channeling the original Creepshow and the story about the hitchhiker (trying not to give too much away), Tricia is involved in a story that may be paranormal or may be a story about the descent into madness. My feeling is it will be up to us to decide which it is, but either way, it is sure to be scary and entertaining.

DJ Qualls

DJ talks Creepshow and other gigs (some good, some not).



Giancarlo Esposito

Life is made up of choices, Giancarlo talks about his character in the series and teases about making some very bad choices.

Greg Nicotero

Greg talks about his time on the set for the Original Creepshow, working with Romero and King, and how he got all the talent behind this series together to create something Romero would be extremely proud of–and if none of this has sold you on it. Here is the trailer…

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