WNA Talks to Cast and Creators of Netflix’s The Order at SDCC 2019!

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When Nerds Attack talked to the cast and creators of Netflix’s The Order at SDCC this year, covering what they expect for their second season (which they’ve just started to receive scripts for), what things surprised them in the prior season, and why they enjoy being on the show so much. The show has been an unexpected supernatural hit, and we can’t wait to see what happens in season 2! 


Adam DiMarco (Randall Caprio)

Adam DiMarco discusses what’s in store for Randall for season two of Netflix’s The Order–or at least tries to, without getting in trouble! He also talks about how much of a surprise it was for him to find out about Randall’s love interest–and how all of the characters are dealing with their loss of memories.

Thomas Elms (Hamish Duke)

Thomas Elms talks about what haunts Hamish Duke, his character’s hangups–and what he hopes is in store for season 2

Devery Jacobs (Lilith Bathory)

Devery Jacobs (Lilith Bathory) discusses might be in store for Lilith and how much fun she’s had on the show.

Louriza Tronco (Gabrielle Dupres)

Louriza Tronco discusses what is in store for Gabrielle for season 2, if Gabrielle *might* be going down the route of a true villain, and why it’s important to see more Asian actresses in media.

Sarah Grey (Alyssa Drake)

Sarah Grey discusses what is in store for Alyssa Drake, and talks about her character’s motivation throughout the series.

Katharine Isabelle (Vera Stone)

Katharine Isabelle discusses what’s in store for Vera, and the hope that perhaps Vera will get out of the school for once!

Shelley Eriksen (writer/EP) & Dennis Heaton (showrunner)

Shelley Eriksen, writer/EP and Dennis Heaton, creator/showrunner, discuss how the show is shot, what they are interested in accomplishing in the next season, and the fun they’ve had working on the show.

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