WNA Talks to Agents of SHIELD at SDCC’19

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Just in time for the season six finale–we have the cast and creative forces of AoS discussing this season and teasing about next. These interviews happened just a couple days before the final day of filming the show.  It was announced at SDCC’19 that season 7 will be the final season. I cannot wait to see how this season will end and I know next season will be amazing. Here’s hoping that we can get some guest spots for all our favorite characters in the upcoming Ghost Rider show!


Clark Gregg and Ming Na Wen

Yay!! Finally these two together. This is the first time in all the interviews that these two have been together (at least for me). So, it was fun to see them interact off screen. Clark Gregg talks about how season 5 wrapped things up nicely, so the next ending might not be as neat the characters are venturing into new territories and season 7 will be different than anything we’ve seen thus far. They also talk about how this show influenced culture and how a colorful the world should be.


Natalia Cordova Buckley and Henry Simmons

Henry and Natalie talk about how the art of television is a mirror to our culture, good and bad. Also how much they have enjoyed these characters and the show. Looking to the future they are not opposed to working with Gabriel Luna (Ghost Rider) and even venturing back to theater. The big questions–Did YoYo and Mack get back together too quickly? Will it last this time?


Jeff Ward and Choley Bennet

If you could relive one day, without changing it, which day would it be? Chloe and Jeff tell us theirs.  Chloe discusses the evolution of Daisy and how it parallels real life. Will there be a Deke-Daisy spinoff–maybe a You-Tube vlog?

Jeffery Bell and Jeph Loeb

What is in store for the Marvel Television Universe? As always these two are playing everything close two the vest. There are things in the works and those of you who don’t partake in streaming services–don’t fret! Marvel will still be on regular television!


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