Amazon Prime Video Wows with Expansive, Immersive Offsite!

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I was lucky enough to preview the Amazon Prime Video Experience (located at MLK and 1st) yesterday as part of a press preview; I have to say that out of all the experiences Amazon has put forward over the years, this one has to be the best. They continue to expand their presence at the con, and this year is no exception, presenting three show experiences in a large forum area, with clear care and thought being put into every aspect of it–from the experiences themselves to the seating (with cover from the sun!), water stations, and amazingly-neat tower in the middle of it all, where live shows are put on every few hours to help immerse the patrons even further.

When you enter, you’ll find yourself presented with a set of coins–these are important! While they are a keepsake, within each interactive there may be a chance to give an actor a coin to gain a token or some secret knowledge in return…you just have to figure out how.


Out of all of the experiences, I think the Carnival Row interactive is the most immersive and enthralling. While you’ll have to wait for it, as the line does move slowly–I think it’s the one most worth going to, and should be done first. Choosing between creature or human, you will find yourself treated differently by constable and person alike, and if you pay careful attention, you’ll gain insight into not only the themes of the show, but plot points as well.

The cast in this area is highly interactive, and the creatures especially look amazing. I only wish I could have spent more time here. Your takeway is a set of fairywings–or perhaps something else, if you found someone to give a coin to, while inside.


There is also the Expanse experience, which is immersive in a similar way to Carnival Row–though there may be an escape room element (that my group failed!). Once inside, you’re broken into separate groups and have to attempt to help free someone who may (or may not) have committed a crime. Again, you may have a chance to exchange a coin for something special. I loved the way they had this area set up, to truly look like the ground on another planet. The actors in this area were again great (though you’ll hear me saying this a lot–Amazon brought in some amazing people).

Once done, you’ll be given a neat Expanse tumbler. Oh, and did I mention, while you wait in line, you have a chance to get a neat tattoo that interacts with snapchat filters? Seriously, it’s awesome.

The last interaction is The Boys –which functions a lot like an escape room, where you have to help two people cover up a crime. The actors are truly into their parts, and if you have a group that is into it as well, this room can be a blast–rummaging through items to find clues to help complete the mission. Once done you’ll get a “F**k Supes” pin.

…but here, there is something special. I’m not going to tell you everything, but the below picture is a hint. If you figure it out, you’ll get to go to a secret room for the chance at some special swag.


Besides the interactions, there is an area for photos, relaxing, and to get a few snacks here and there!

The experience is open from 9am-5pm until Sunday!

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