The Flash S5E22, Review – Legacy

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The time has come to conclude Cicada’s story. She has been in hiding for the majority of the time, aside from a couple of sneak attacks. This last attack has revealed destroying the dagger will free Thawne from his imprisonment.

Ralph throws himself in front of the blast to destroy to protect the dagger, throwing his cells into chaos and rendering him paralyzed. It allows Cicada to escape and leaves the team incredibly confused. While regrouping in Star Labs, Sherloque reveals the secret of the dagger. It was Ralph’s evidence that leads him to this conclusion, and I think a bit of fondness for the detective is finally showing. Barry is okay with this news, much to everyone’s surprise. If destroying the dagger eans saving thousands of lives, they should take that chance with freeing Thawne.

With Ralph quickly healed, the team tracks down Cicada to her cabin hideaway for a surprise attack. The last fight is anticlimactic with Nora begging for young Gracie to take the Meta cure to disable her older self. The treatment doesn’t work, but they manage to destroy the dagger, and now that Gracie has a change of heart, Cicada is no more.

That leaves the team to deal with Thawne. They attack him right when he’s about to be executed. Nora and Barry save the prison staff and take the fight elsewhere as they try to disable him. Thawne has never been an easy adversary, and even with a seasoned Cisco and Killer Frost helping them, the team is still having difficulty gaining the upper hand. Thawne has planned out this scenario for years; using Nora to create a different, beatable Cicada and destroying the dagger that has imprisoned him. He will not be detained again so easily.

Between Barry and Thawne, Thawne is the clear victor. Barry is ready to fight with every last breath until Nora begins to disappear. Thawne almost seems remorseful during his reveal: the timeline is catching up to her. In this time, there is no Nora, and she is being erased. Barry tries to hide her in the negative Speedforce, but Nora cannot keep up and resigns to her fate. While focusing on Nora, Thawne makes his escape.

It doesn’t feel like a conclusion as Team Flash returns to their timeline. They mourn the loss of Nora, while also moving on with their lives. Most notably is Joe being promoted to police captain by the newly appointed Chief of Police, Detective Singh. Joe is perfect for the job, and it’s nice to see him getting rewarded for his work. It’s also time to say goodbye to Sherloque. He’s grown with the team and encourages Ralph to continue his work. Ralphs learned a lot under Sherloque, and maybe the team doesn’t need a Harrison Wells with him on their team.

In what feels like a goodbye, Cisco meets up with Caitlin alone to request the Metahuman cure. He doesn’t want to be vibe anymore and feels confident on his decision. It was oddly emotional, as it isn’t as if he’s leaving the team, he’s just stepping away from crime fighting.

I know not every fight has to conclude with a huge battle, but the Cicada fight was drawn out so long it should have felt like a more satisfying ending. It’s always a joy to see Barry mentor, whether it be Ralph or Nora, but I’d like to see him take on new challenges with the team. The good that came from this story is Thawne’s return, and possibly take on the villainous role in the new season. He has brought out the best in Team Flash when they fight him, and I’ll be sticking around to see where they are taken next.

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