The Flash S5E21, Review – The Girl With The Red Lightning

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Cicada is ready to unleash her wrath on Central City by murdering ever Meta she can. Team Flash decides a part of confronting her would be to cure as many Metas as possible. A clinic opens up within CCPD, with Joe leading the way to apply the cure. It turns out quite a few Meta-Humans would prefer to be free of their powers and clamor for the treatment. Joe is overwhelmed by the responsibility, but Cecil encourages him to hold steady; if they can’t defeat Cicada, at least they can save as many people as possible.

Team Flash is at a loss on how to handle Cicada. They can’t track her down as quickly as other Metas, but they need to destroy her dagger at any cost. Nora, recently cured of the red streak, discovers she has a connection to Cicada. If she concentrates hard enough, she can see where Cicada is and help the team locate her. It takes a toll on her, even with an amplifier, and often leads to a nose bleed. Barry, trying to be a more supportive dad, reluctantly supports her drive to help. I don’t think he should have given in to her demands so quickly, especially when it does little to locate Cicada. I feel that Barry is pressured by Iris and his own insecurities to let Nora do as she pleases to make sure she doesn’t further turn to Thawne.

While searching for Cicada, Ralph poses his concerns to Cisco and Barry. He thinks something is wrong with this picture and they should hold off on using the Meta item-gun to destroy her dagger. They don’t pay him much attention, and without Sherloque on the scene, there is no one to take his point seriously. I think the team has written Ralph off as a disgraced investigator, but he is a talented detective and was a driven police officer. Even if his personality is strange, he is on to something regarding the dagger. Unfortunately, Ralph doesn’t put the pieces together until the dagger is destroyed. Cicada didn’t have the dagger in her timeline, meaning it was given to her. So why did Thawne advise Nora to destroy it… because it is the only tool that can kill him. With it destroyed, Thawne can make his move towards freedom.

The team is in huge trouble, and I know Nora is going to be feeling immense guilt that she took orders from Barry’s biggest enemy. Barry was right from the beginning, but Iris chooses to coddle Nora and protect her from criticism. Sherloque was too busy taking care of his recent love interest to assist them with the puzzle Ralph posed them; I think if he had been more available, he would have caught what Ralph was leading to. Now we know Thawne will be free and pose more of a threat than Cicada. With two villains to fight, I wonder where this will take the team as they’re already having a difficult time even locating Cicada.

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