The Flash S5E20, Review – Gone Rogue

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With Nora’s explosive reaction, I thought she’d be lost for good. The pain she felt over Barry’s rejection had her so blinded, who knows what path she’d take. It turns out she was going to continue Thawne’s plan to take down Cicada, even if it meant teaming up with villains to do it.

Nora plans to break into McCulloch Technologies with the help of Weather Witch, Rag Doll, and Queen Bee. How are rogues better than Team Flash? Nora wants nothing to do with her family, feeling they betrayed her, and that rogues would be better allies. There is a cache of weapons for them to pick at, one that would work well to defeat Cicada. At first, they work well together; they all carry a chip on their shoulder, and Nora thinks she’s found a family with them. Reality hits when they make it inside of McCulloch Technologies, and they all betray her. They used her position as the Flash’s daughter to gain the upper hand and demand the Flash reveals himself to them.

Before Barry comes in to save the day, he’s already had several talks with Joe and Iris about how he feels towards Nora. Seeing her in cahoots with these villains scares him far more than knowing she’s doing Thawne’s bidding. While he’s still profoundly hurt she chose to follow Thawne, Barry only wants what is best for her. It’s why he’s there when Nora needs him most, to help save the day and take down the rogue metas.

I don’t agree with Barry and Iris sweeping Nora’s overreaction under the rug. She’s working with a known manipulator, and welcoming her back into the family feels as if they accept her bad decisions as a small childish mistake. There is a lot of talk of Nora belonging with them– but she doesn’t. She resides in her timeline with her future family, not with one that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’ll all work out when Cicada is taken care of, but the ripples of her visit extend far more than the damage Barry managed during Flash Point.

Cicada’s story doesn’t get completely ignored, as Caitlin and Ralph search for more clues on what she might be up to. Ralph works as a soundboard for Caitlin who is still recovering from losing her father. Ralph is light-hearted and realistic in a positive way, a compliment to Caitlin’s optimism that is often tested. Through their banter, they discover Cicada has stolen the unstable Metahuman prototype cure Cisco worked on. It seems she plans to spread it to other Meta-Humans to kill them. With the team now in possession of a Meta-Tech destroyer, it’s a race to see who gets to make the first move.

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