Shadowhunters S3E20, Review – City of Glass

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With Clary tied to Jonathan, and seemingly enamored with him, there is little the Shadowhunters can do without harming her. Luckily, Isabella has managed to recreate the Morning Star Sword, which gives them a fighting chance.

I was so relieved when they managed to finally break Clary’s twinning rune with Jonathan by stabbing her with the sword. The action makes it unstable, and it snaps into shards, striking and injuring Isabella. She’s saved, but with Glorious’ power burning within her, she cannot touch others with demonic blood or else she’ll burst into flames. At the same time, Simon and her confess their attraction to each other. It’s a tangled mess, but the critical outcome is Clary being free from Jonathan. The confrontation also reveals the Seelie Queen is exceptionally fond of Jonathan, and will seemingly put her kingdom a risk for his victory.

Slowly, everything begins to resolve itself from the chaos of the past few episodes. Magnus is visited by Maryse who has a heart to heart with him, revealing Alec had intended to propose to him and isn’t sure why he’d call it off. With Amadeus’ sudden appearance, Magnus knows precisely what happened. He confronts his father and sends him into purgatory before seeking out Alec. It all happened so fast– who knew Magnus had that much power over his father?

Maia and Jordan had a beautiful scene to wrap up their relationship. Once it’s revealed Jordan’s silver poisoning cannot be cured, he gives her the Downworlder cure as his parting gift. Maia has come a long way, but I don’t think Jordan had a place in her life as she becomes an Alpha. Before he passes away, she gives the cure to Luke. She still trusts him, but at this point is unaware of his alliance with the Praetor Lupus. Upon her return to Jordan, the silver poisoning has gotten to him, and she says her goodbyes. I wasn’t on board with them being a couple again, but their time together didn’t hurt any less.

When Alec decided to break up, I thought Magnus’ isolation would be drawn out longer. However, during an attack that leads to Edom opening into the real world, Magnus rejoins Alec to smooth things over. Even during the crisis, they’re able to be together again as Magnus proposes to him. The sweet scene is short-lived, as Magnus sacrifices himself to close Edom and successfully trap himself away for the rest of his life.

I know they won’t stand for this, not after everyone witnessed their reunion. The Shadowhunters will find a way to rescue Magnus before Jonathan balloons into a bigger problem.

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