Shadowhunters S3E19, Review – Aku Cinta Kamu

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With Jonathan free and Clary wholly devoted to him, the Clave’s opinion has shifted. They will kill Clary if they have to, if it means ensuring Jonathan doesn’t carry out his plan. He’s still after the Morning Star Sword and will stop at nothing to get it.

Jace decides to save Clary and is going to act like a defected Shadowhunter to do so. She’s all too happy to welcome him to their weird brother-sister dynamic, but Jonathan feels otherwise. It’s uncomfortable, seeing Jonathan become jealous over Clary’s attention towards Jace. Ever since she saved Jonathan, the sibling dynamic is toeing the line of a romantic relationship. Their closeness is only further reinforced as they carry on with their plan. Jonathan wants to capture the Seelie queen and use her as leverage to retrieve the sword. Instead, he uses the opportunity to expose Jace as playing both sides, angering Clary and driving a wedge between them. Clary throws Jace back to the Institute through a portal and disappears. Up until now, Jace has been able to anchor her back to reality. It seems any love she had for him is focused on Jonathan.

The Institute is not at a complete disadvantage. Isabella has a fragment of the Morning Star Sword to duplicate and wield. She uses Cleophas’ tools to forge the weapon, giving them a fighting chance. Without her quick thinking and Luke’s connection to Cleophas, I feel like they’d be at a complete loss in facing Jonathan. It’s not like they have their powerful allies to help them any longer. The Jade Wolf pack is down to two: Raphael is no longer a vampire, and Magnus is too heartbroken even to work with them professionally.

It’s concerning Magnus is in such a vulnerable spot. Heartbroken and unable to get Alec out of his head, he can’t even bring himself to remove Alec from his memories. He spends the day tortured, teased by Asmodeus to join him and transcend human emotions. Even with his powers returned, with how alone Magnus is, I don’t doubt he may turn to him and sever another connection.

Everyone is hurting in one way or another; the loss of relationships, the threat of the end of the world looming, it’s all a lot to take in. Alec, Isabella, Jace, Luke, Simon, Maia, and Jordan are doing their best to hold steady, but they are missing so many in their lives. I’m hopeful with the newly forged sword, they’ll be able to conquer their enemies, but I’m not sure who will survive.

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