The Flash S5E18, Review – Godspeed

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Barry’s reaction to Nora working with Thawne was as expected: he’s furious. After locking her up, the team briefly converses with Sherloque about the translation of Nora’s journal. Iris is already defending Nora, upset Sherloque would expose her before she was ready. I think she’s ignoring how Barry would react to this news– it isn’t a surprise he’s silent as they begin to read through her journal as he is still processing it.

We are taken into Nora’s first day at work. Like her father, she is a forensic scientist for CCPD. She’s clumsy and nervous, but determined to make her father proud. At this time, she’s unaware that her father wasn’t just Barry Allen, but also the Flash. Lia works not only her coworker, but a best friend, and helps her navigate through nearly every aspect of her life. Together they throw themselves into researching a new Speedster, Godspeed. By chance, they meet him one on one which leaves Nora hit with lightning and revealing that she’s a Speedster as well.

Lia believes Iris must have hidden a chip inside of Nora to hide her powers. The idea of her mother blocking her powers has her withdrawing further. Nora was already upset; Iris knew she was in the hospital, and now she doesn’t also want her powers revealed to her. Instead of turning to a family member, Nora turns to Thawne. She had briefly visited him for information on Speedsters and returns when she needs help learning her powers. After a lot of pushing, he agrees to help her, mirroring his time with Barry.

While Nora is elated to have someone helping her, you can’t help but feel Thawne has a plan brewing. He never works for free, and with mentoring Nora, I can only guess what he has planned for himself. As the story transitions to Nora narrating rather than the team reading her journal, gets worse. Godspeed is a medically created Speedster, and when Lia and Nora are hot on his trail, Godspeed manages to kill Lia.

This is what makes Nora turn on Iris. She’s angry Iris hid her and her father’s powers from her. Without Lia, she truly feels alone and turns to Thawne as her only friend. Godspeed is soon taken down, but Nora is left feeling empty and lonely. We close with her viewing a message from Barry, recorded before he died.

While the team is emotional, but Barry seems stoic, asking to speak to Nora alone. For him, there is no greater betrayal than Nora going to the man who murdered his mother. He returns her to his time and demands she never return.

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