Charmed S1E18 Review: The Replacement

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Charmed: The Replacement

Original air date: April 21, 2019

Warning: Spoilers

After a few weeks off, Charmed came back full steam ahead. It started off with Galvin exploring Jumanji, err… I mean some jungle. Of course it wasn’t easy getting the needed artifacts to turn Macy into a full human– he got possessed by a parasitic, vampire-demon (I totally hate when that happens) that tried to find a better host in Macy. The Charmed Ones were once again victorious and vanquished the demon and managed to spare Galvin’s life in the process. Galvin promptly dumped Macy when she said she wanted to keep her demon part.

So, I get where Galvin is coming from (a little bit) as he is merely human after all. I would understand if he said he needed time to process all that had happened– that would be a reasonable request. Instead, he is judging Macy by the demon that possessed him and I don’t know if that is completely fair. I mean I’m allergic to shrimp, it could kill me, whereas for other people it isn’t an issue. I’m not going to tell people shrimp will kill them, just because it might affect me that way. Macy’s witch side probably helps combat her demon side; she has a better tolerance than he does.

He also said she was a, “ticking time bomb” and that she scared him. I’m sorry, but I feel that can be said about everyone (demon or not), especially in a new relationship. That seems cowardly and I feel he is trying to make up excuses rather than say he is mad that he did this grand gesture of traveling to the remote regions of the world looking for a cure, only for Macy to decide she didn’t want it (which is her right).  That is like a person paying for dinner and expecting some reimbursement in other forms for said dinner. I’m disappointed in Galvin; I thought he was better than that. After he broke up with her, I’m fine if they don’t get back together—I think she can do better.

Macy wasn’t the only one with romance issues. Poor Mel, that would be massively unbearable to have to work an ex’s engagement party. She not only did that, but the ex (Niko) doesn’t even know that they are exes. I have a feeling she is going to learn soon, but I don’t know if that is entirely fair. I love Niko, and I love her for Mel; but she has another relationship. The spell that caused this situation was done to protect her… would it be right to mess it up? Or should Mel have Tessa (their interim Whitelighter) erase her memory? I have this nagging feeling that this will not end well for Niko.

While I’m on the subject of Mel’s love life—did Jada really just peace out? She survived Fiona’s attack because she is half whitelighter and then she just runs away. Again, disappointed. I wanted her to admit that the Sarcana were wrong, but she would be there to help the Charmed Ones make it right. Instead she did a great big nope and ran away. I get the writers are trying to get the sisters isolated for the big showdown that is bound to happen, but all these characters leaving seems out of character. I’ve never been a fan of the Mel-Jada relationship, so if she’s gone for good, so be it. I would rather prefer it that way. Never did I think that Parker and Maggie would be the most stable and likable coupling on the show—but right now I am shipping them above all the others!

Maybe I pro Parker right now because he’s been MIA. We know he is sick with the demon flu, and as much as I am being swayed to liking their relationship, it was nice to have a Maggie storyline that didn’t involve her love life. It was dropped on us a few episodes back that Maggie and Macy share the same father. In this episode that truth was explored further: Maggie is half black, and she is deciding what that means to her. As much as people seem to hate labels, there seems to be no escaping them. Every form needs you to label yourself, for ethnicity, sex, religion, age, favorite Christmas movie, preferred jelly flavor, etc. Why? Do any of those define who we are as a person? They are aspects of us, yes, but they don’t paint the whole picture. Maggie brought a up a beautiful question, “Do you get to be part of a culture you didn’t grow up in?” I think a equally valid question is can you be part of the culture you did grow up in, even if you look different?

I love that a show about witches, something that at first glance can seem corny, is asking some truly amazing questions about our society. Maggie is willing to explore this new found part of her heritage and I think that is a remarkable thing to watch. I hope people will see this and it will give them the courage to ask these questions about themselves and to be open to more than just those little check mark boxes on forms.

Finally, let’s talk about Fiona. The show is leading us to believe Fiona wants to be the Source. If it is like this show’s predecessor, then the Source (of all evil) lives in a host. In the original it was Cole, and in this series, Alastair wants it to be Parker. I don’t know if Fiona will be the source or not. Part of me is like good for her, get down with your evil self and don’t let the men take the power from you. The other part of me is curious as to why she wants to be evil. I need to re-watch I guess, but I am not clear on her motivation. We’ve seen so little of her; I want more buildup of her character before the final showdown. Also, we need to get Harry back. Tessa is okay, but let’s be honest, we need Harry.

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