Shadowhunters S3E17, Review – Heavenly Fire

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One trait Jonathan has inherited from his father is being a terrific liar. We saw it between Valentine and Jace, and now we see it repeated with Jonathan and Clary. Just as Jace felt protective of Valentine, Clary is showing the same signs over Jonathan. Imprisoned by the Institute, Jonathan gives a tear-jerker backstory of how he grew up and became the madman he is today. Even if the story is true, it doesn’t erase the destruction he wants to spread or the fact he brought Lilith into their world. The story moves Clary– scenes he described in his life mirrors a recurring nightmare she had a child. To Jace and the viewers, Clary isn’t convinced about keeping Jonathan imprisoned, and she may try to save him.

I appreciate Jace stepping up to support Clary as she makes a dangerous spiral downward into Jonathan’s lies. Jace was in a similar position with Valentine, and I think he sees that with Clary. Their last bit of hope is retrieving the Morning Star sword in the hopes it can free Clary from her bond with Jonathan.

Isabella’s plan is risky, as retrieving the sword means infiltrating the secret Clave experiment that is performing questionable testing on Downworlders. She seeks out Simon’s help, who is all too happy to help in the name of Clary. She’ll have a tracker on him, and a Seelie artifact that allows them to communicate even when apart. The easy part is Simon getting transferred to this secret imprisonment– the hard part is getting him out. The tracker doesn’t work, and his communication tool is quickly discovered and taken away. During his short incarceration, he meets Raphael, who is moments away from reaching his mysterious end.

With Downworlders being taken and never seen again, everyone assumes they are tortured until they die. The reality is less gruesome. The experiment is simple: turn Downworlders into Mundanes by feeding them Heavenly Fire from a fragment of the Morning Star Sword. Simon discovers this secret by locating a room filled with recently turned Mundanes. Raphael is excited, but not all former Downworlders share the same sentiment. At least they’re not facing terrifying torture, but for some Downworlders, it is just as bad.

While Simon is separated from Isabella, she manages to dig up similar information on her own. Aldertree is the one heading this experimentation; his dream is to turn all Downworlders into Mundanes so Shadowhunters can focus on fighting demons. It’s ambitious, but forcing the choice on Downworlders to become Mundane isn’t the way to go. Isabella doesn’t waver in her conviction, and with help, she manages to shut down the whole operation.

With Heavenly Fire being exposed, Alec has to work to juggle his duties as a leader and boyfriend. He’s ready to make the next step and propose. No amount of chaos was going to make him late to a special dinner between him and Magnus. Sadly, it’s Magnus who arrives late and drunk to the dinner. The proposal never happens as he’s still devastated by the loss of his magic. Instead, Alec focuses on reassuring him and taking care of his well being. Maybe Alec should re-evaluate if now is the right time for a proposal while Lilith is still loose and Clary is ready to save Jonathan. It seems like every day Clary loses a little bit more of herself to him.

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