Shadowhunters S3E16, Review – Stay With Me

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Lilith was an extremely powerful enemy, who was only defeated on pure luck. Without Simon’s mark and a little bit of planning, she would have gotten her way. Instead, she was banished to the underworld where she faced Asmodeus. Even the prince of hell didn’t want to deal with her and used Magnus’ magic to ensure she’d be trapped for the rest of her life.

Despite her power and difficulty to keep imprisoned, both Jonathan and Clary independently reach out to her for help. Jonathan thought he could trick Lilith with love and affection into getting the Morning Star Sword from her. His backup plan is to kill Lilith, and he almost manages it before Clary summons her to the living world. With Jace, Isabelle, Simon and Cane, she’s confident Lilith won’t be freed and will be compelled to help remove the rune she placed on her.

I understand Clary’s desperate, but it was a risky choice that backfires almost immediately. Jonathan shows up, and while he and Jace fight, Lilith manages to talk Cane into freeing her. Jonathan went from being the biggest threat to the lowest in seconds. Lilith is beyond furious with how she’s been treated, and her wrath is going to be far worse than what they’ve had to deal with previously.

Oblivious to the devastating threat that has been released, Alec’s focus has remained solely on Magnus. After he collapses, we learn his body is rejecting Lorenzo’s magic. After a long talk between them, Alec convinces Magnus to remove it. It’s not worth the pain of losing Magnus to give him one more day as a warlock. Alec loves him beyond his magic; that realization is what convinces Magnus he’s better off magicless than dead. Lorenzo, moved by Alec’s appeal, agrees to remove his magic so Magnus can remain with him. I love the dynamic between Magnus and Alec– the consistent love and reassurance from them both is a much-needed cherry on top as the world falls apart around them.

Lilith’s freedom is about to be a threat to everyone: Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike. The Seelie Queen was especially upset Jonathan let Lilith enter her kingdom and kill quite a few of her subjects. After giving him a second chance to atone, I’m sure she’ll be ready to jump in. I wonder if Jonathan will do the same, or try to kiss up to Lilith once more to retrieve the much sought after Morning Star Sword.

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