The Flash S5E17, Review – Time Bomb

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With a second, more dangerous Cicada on the loose, Team Flash is back to square one. They have no leads to where she or Orlin is, and Barry is scrambling to come up with a plan. So concerned with the new Cicada, no one notices Nora’s crisis as she hits a dead end.

Eobard Thawne can no longer help her, as the timeline has changed, and he’ll be executed soon. Before Nora can come clean with her secret, Cicada attacks the police station in search of a particular file. Both Barry and Nora have to clean up that mess as it might mean Cicada will attack a Meta soon. Through research, the mystery starts to become clear: Grace has gone into the past to carry out Orlin’s mission of killing all Meta-Humans by starting with the Meta-Human who killed her parents. With Cisco’s vibing, they watch her parent’s murder and the Meta-Human responsible for it. Grace, as a child, sees the whole thing. It’s brutal, too much for a child to handle, and it lays the groundwork for her anti-Meta-Human stance.

By raiding the police station, Grace has enough information to locate the Meta-Human responsible and finds her at her daughter’s birthday. Barry and Nora show up first, and the Meta-Human doesn’t even seem to care. Both Speedsters do their best to protect her family from Grace, but with her saucy attitude, I don’t feel compelled to care about her well being. Grace’s anger and pain are valid; the police didn’t do anything to search for the Meta-Human responsible for her parent’s death. Even if it was an accident, it isn’t fair for Grace to have to go through that pain alone.

Scared by her power, and what the future would mean for her as a murderer, Orlin is determined to stop Grace from following his path as a killer. His words do little to deter her from what she wants to do, and she ends up killing Orlin for trying to stop her mission. It’s a bit of a shock for Barry and Nora, but Grace has nothing to lose in this situation. Nothing is tethering her to the future or the past.

With Orlin dead, the team can only sit around and wait for Grace’s next move. It’s not until she’s gone that the rest of the group included in the plan to catch her. They had been too occupied in their issues to be a part of the search. They ranged from silly, like Cisco trying to keep Camilla away from his superhero life, to more pressing like with Sherloque. His diligence pays off this episode, as he manages to break Nora’s secret before she had a chance to tell everyone. She’s working with Eobard Thawne and has been the whole time she’s been with the team.

Barry takes the news horribly; he doesn’t say much and locks her up in one of their prisons. Nora has to understand, her alliance with Thawne is the ultimate betrayal for Barry, especially after she saw his mother die. His silence is scary, and it’s not clear what Nora’s future holds with him this enraged.

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