Shadowhunters S3E14, Review – A Kiss From A Rose

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What started as a romantic time together for Jace and Clary, turned into more of a sibling obsessed for Jonathan. Jace and Clary know that with the position she’s is in, it can mean they may not last and to cherish every moment they have together. Having one on one time, skating together as normal couples do, is sweet until Jonathan shows up and glamours himself as Jace. He continues the date, trying to imitate Jace and get some alone time with Clary. I’ve shrugged it off before– Jonathan’s fixation on his sister. I thought Jonathan was obsessed with Clary for different reasons; power, loneliness, maybe she’ll be a weapon. I didn’t know it was because of his love for her crossed into romantic territory. If it were explored in a thoughtful space, I’d be more receptive, but Jonathan pretends to be Jace and gives her one of the most awkward kisses. I think this is what tipped Clary off because only after the kiss is she suspicious.

At least Clary isn’t deceived by Jonathan for long, but when an opportunity presents itself to capture him, she hesitates. It’s frustrating to watch, knowing Jonathan is being a sneak about his plans and could have been stopped. Jace is more relieved than disappointed; his love for her has changed him into someone more understanding. He doesn’t hold it against her– after all, he couldn’t kill Valentine.

For Magnus, all he can focus on is getting his magic back. The only way to do so is by asking Lorenzo for help. Magnus manages to do by swallowing his pride; he apologizes and gives up his prized apartment as consolation to be a Warlock again. I don’t think it’s the worst price to pay– Magnus felt cut off from the world without his magic. Alec, on the other hand, is conflicted. Happy that Magnus is happy, angry about the price he had to pay. He feels Lorenzo was being petty and not at all the helpful high Warlock he’s supposed to be. Lorenzo was petty, but it’s only an apartment! I thought it wasn’t a bad price to pay until Magnus suffers a nosebleed when using his magic. That can’t be a good sign.

Alec has grown into someone more in tune with noticing nuances with the people close to him, most of all Magnus. Maybe he’ll see the change in him as well, or perhaps he won’t. He’s stumbled into a rabbit hole with Isabela regarding the Clave’s secret society. During an autopsy, Isabela finds a chip inside the Downworlder’s body. All we know is, Alec is about to get a lot busier and may miss other signs that Magnus isn’t okay.

To end on a sad note, Maia and Jordan reconciliation during a life or death situation is heartbreaking. The whole pack is dead, and they’re locked in a deep freezer with Jordan dying and no way out. Despite everything, Simon seems to know when things go wrong. Without him trying to check on Maia, he would have never found them before it was too late. Hope is fleeting because when he enters the Jade Wolf with Luke, they see the police on their trail. Not wanting them to get the kids caught into it, Luke allows himself to be captured, surrounded by dead bodies. He’s already a prime suspect in another case, so this will only make it harder for him.

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