Shadowhunters S3E13, Review – Beati Bellicosi

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While The Institute has been focused on the threat Lilith brought, unrest has been brewing amongst the Downworlders. Particularly between Praetor Lupus and Heidi who has been on the run from them. Heidi doesn’t want to be reformed; she wants to live as a wild Vampire who can feed and kiss as she wishes. To make sure she won’t be captured, she sets up the Vampires of Hotel Dumort to be attacked by Praetor Lupus. The Vampires didn’t want even to house Heidi, but after being attacked by Praetor, they decide to retaliate by attacking Luke’s former pack.It doesn’t make any sense, why attack a group of Werewolves who aren’t associated with Praetor Lupus?

Heidi seems to be taking to her Vampire powers well. She’s a sweet talker to both humans and other supernatural creators. She encouraged the Vampires of Hotel Dumort to attack the Werewolves of the Jade Wolf, which opened a wave of distrust between the groups as the Alpha was killed. Not even Praetor Lupus made it out unscathed. They were tricked into fighting the Vampires, which ruined Praetor’s reputation and set forth enough doubt they don’t feel they can continue.

The peace between the two groups was destroyed in one night thanks to Heidi, and all of this was done without such much as a bleep on the Institute’s radar. With Clary back, they’ve been dealing with quite a lot, it’s understandable they’d miss the huge fight taking place in their city. Most of the Shadowhunters were distracted by their problems, except for Isabela. She always has work on her mind, even as she deals with a relapse from Vampire venom. Work is a good distraction for her, but she isn’t ignoring her issue entirely. She managed to reach out to Magnus for help, and not be defensive when Alec confronted her. Isabela is changing; her addiction isn’t a weakness, and she’s not destructive about it. I love seeing her growth and how far she’s come.

Aside from Heidi having a wild night, we learn from Maryse that there is a secret Clave organization that is torturing Downworlder prisoners. Alec and Isabela tried speaking with a member, but he was killed before he could provide them with any information. Is it worth it to look into it further? I’m not sure it is when Downworlder relations are so strained.

While the episode was heavy, we finally got to see a tender moment between Jace and Clary that wasn’t rushed or under dire circumstances. They deserve the sweet moment; I think they realize whatever is building up will be a lot more than they’ve faced before.

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