The Flash S5E16, Review – Failure is an Orphan

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The appearance of Acid Master rings a bell in Nora’s head for what she believes to be a sign of the final confrontation between Cicada and the Flash. With the Meta-Human cure in hand, Team Flash is ready to confront Cicada and offer him a way out. I wasn’t confident that Barry would be able to convince him to stop his Meta-Human killing spree, and I was right. Once they meet up, Cicada wants to carry out with his mission and not return to being ordinary Orlin– he wants to get revenge for Grace’s parents and her. Killer Frost can only help so much before he breaks free and they’re back to coming up with another plan.

Nora is convinced Barry can do it; she’s studied his work in the Flash Museum where he’s succeeded multiple times. For her, him failing like this makes her think he’s losing his confidence. Every helpful suggestion is shot down, and after messing up several attempts to capturing Cicada, I can imagine his faith is shakey. Not only does Barry want to put an end to the killing, he sincerely wants to help Orlin and Grace go back to being a family. It’s Joe who steps in and lays on the perfect advice to strike confidence back into Barry: if he approached Orlin as a human, maybe he’ll be more receptive. I’ve missed Joe’s excellent advice.

In general, I’ve missed Joe. He has always been a massive asset for the team, and now with Cecile and him teaming up, we have two experienced detectives doing more work that Sherloque hasn’t been able to. Their first team up is shakey; Joe wants to take charge rather than let Cecile help with her human lie-detector talent. When he relents, they both confront Doctor Ambres and work together to get the truth. She comes clean about everything; Cicada, Grace being a Meta-Human, and she even helps the team confront Cicada one last time.

Finally, we’ve made it, the final confrontation! Barry delivers a heartfelt speech and talks Cicada down from his position on murdering. With the promise to cure him and Grace of being a Meta, he can do her proud by submitting to the cure. The victory is short-lived, during the procedure another Cicada shows up, kills Doctor Ambres and takes Orlin with them. I had hoped we’d close up on Cicada and deal with Thawne, but this new Cicada has opened the case back up. Not only are they powerful, but they seem to be much more experienced when it comes to fighting. She does quick work from Team Flash before making her escape. New Cicada’s talent is likely due to the fact this Cicada is Grace, all grown up and presumably from the future. I wonder if Thawne helped her as he did with Nora.

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