Charmed S1E14 Review: Touched by a Demon

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Charmed: Touched by a Demon

Original air date: March 10, 2019

Warning: Spoilers

I love when a show can be a little tongue and cheek– it makes me giddy. This episode was great at showing how far television has progressed. Things that seemed cool in the 90’s don’t really resonate with today’s audiences. Having said that, I kind of wish that Heaven’s Vice was a real show—I want to know more about giving birth to the Antichrist, twice. Scott Porter (Levi) and Jimmy Tatro (Gideon) guest star as the angel brothers that were brought to our world through a modem and some special essential oils.  Who else is going to try this while watching Buffy? (Asking for a friend.)

Having these two characters brought to current time does put some things in perspective.  The brooding machismo of Gideon is now used for comedic effect and worked well. The scene with him and Macy, doing the raised eyebrow back and forth, is now my favorite from this series. I watched it a couple times, because I was laughing so hard, I missed what Harry was saying. When I did hear, it made my little heart swell with joy: he shot Gideon down and explained the awesomeness that is Macy. This episode also affirmed why I like the show so much. It is more ‘woke’ than some of its supernatural predecessors, and it always surprises me when it doesn’t go down the expected path. So many shows do the same thing, I always expect Charmed to follow suit, but they don’t and that makes this show amazing!

Relatability is also key to liking a show and I think Macy’s binge watching a show while eating all the baked goods she made is the closest thing I’m going to find to my true spirit animal. I’m guessing many of us can relate to hiding from our problems in a similar manner. Sure, I doubt many of us are hiding from the fact that we may turn into a demon, but I think for most of us change is hard to confront. Macy’s decision to seek advice from the Elder’s is something I support. I think the more options there are, the better chance a solution will be found. I wish Mel could be on board with this decision.

Her refusal to be part of it is bothering me—well actually there are a couple things about Mel are nagging at me. First, I get that she is wary of the Elders– I get it, their rules are archaic and could use some updating. However, drinking the Sarcana Kool-Aid doesn’t seem like the best option either. Mel’s going with her gut feelings, Jada very helpful, sharing her knowledge and teaching her things the Elders haven’t.  I just don’t think the whole picture of these two witch-factions is fully known. If the Elders think of the Charmed Ones as a weapon, I’m guessing the Sarcana feel the same way, too. So for Mel to be upset that Macy wants to reach out to the Elders, seems kind of bitchy. Mel thinks her opinion is the only one that is valid. This is Macy’s future at risk– it is her body that is changing.  Her body, her rules. Mel doesn’t need to agree to be supportive. If I was at risk of turning into a demon, I think I would explore every avenue possible and I would hope my family would be there to support me. I think Macy needs to know Mel is there for her, to support without judgment.

Second, Mel is being unfair to Jada. I think Mel genuinely has feelings for Jada, but saying she is over Niko is a lie. Now, I know I’ve never been full team Jada, but I do think if Mel talked to her a little more, was a little more truthful, Jada could help her sort out her feelings. It’s okay, that Mel still feels things about Niko, and that she can sometimes dwell on what could have been. It’s okay that she is angry that the Elders didn’t provide her all the options available when it came to relationship. I just think she needs to more openly express those feelings rather than take an automatic hostile stance.  Why not ask the Elders directly about why they didn’t tell her about the cloaking spell? I’m all for going straight to the source, but maybe Mel is afraid that if she does, things won’t be as clear cut as she thinks.

Then there is Maggie. The sex bomb was hilarious and again the show used a very funny moment to talk about something important. Shows usually portray sex as something men are always eager to do with very little forethought. Maggie talking about her feelings and thinking Parker’s refusal to engage in sex was all about her. That wasn’t the case. Men have feelings as much as women and emotions play as big of a part in their side of a relationship.  I loved that by the end of the episode they were both able to express their fears and concerns. Now they seem to have the best relationship on the show. Of course that might change considering they were teleported somewhere and we know it is what Alastair wanted, so it can’t be good.


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