The Flash S5E15, Review – King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd

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With the Meta-Human cure finished, it’s now time to test it out and see if its fit for use. The team agrees it should only be used when a Meta-Human has given consent, a vow that is repeated multiple times during the episode.

It’s not like they have a lot of Meta-Humans to choose from, but it’s still a surprise when they seek out King Shark, who is being held by A.R.G.U.S., to see if he’d like to volunteer. There, the widow of Earth-1 Shay Lamden, Tanya Lamden, is overseeing a program that allows her to communicate with King Shark of Earth-2. When they’re about to sit down and ask the question if he’d like to be cured, King Shark attacks them and escapes.

Tanya is confused; her time with Shay has been productive and seeing him feral has thrown away all progress they’ve made. Attempting to capture him throws the team into a scuffle where Barry makes the decision for him and forces the cure into King Shark. The good news is, the cure works! King Shark reverts to Shay Lamden, and other than feeling disoriented he’s doing great. The bad news is… Barry was the one to break the vow that they’d only apply the cure to those who could consent. Barry wasn’t the one who I thought would force it– my money was on Cisco. It seems Cisco is one of the loudest voices against Barry.

Ready to explain himself, Barry seeks Caitlin and Cisco out to give a non-apology when they suddenly attack him. It’s similar to King Shark’s sudden feral reaction when they first met him. The reason is simple: Gorilla Grodd is on the scene, and with the powerful mind communicator, he’s able to easily control not just a few people, but a whole city full of people. After making a love connection with Tanya, Shay decides to forego part two of the cure and return as King Shark to defeat Gorilla Grodd.

The fight is exciting, but the CGI took me out of what was going down. Still, I like Barry having to rely on allies to help him to defeat a big bad and supporting where he can. In the end, Gorilla Grodd is defeated, and King Shark returns to his aquarium home, much more under control. Cisco and Caitlin forgive Barry for using the cure, and he promises to use much more caution next time.

Absent from most of the action is Iris, who is having difficulty recovering from Cicada’s threat to their family. She never lived in the timeline where she was killed, but the thought of working in her office and being attacked is stressing her out. Back from his trip to Thailand, Joe offers much-needed guidance as a dad and someone who has survived a Cidada attack himself. He was sorely missed these past few episodes, and it’s great to have him back.

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