Shadowhunters S3E12, Review – Original Sin

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When we last left Simon, he was on a mission to locate an ancient vampire to help him remove the seal on his forehead. I wasn’t confident that his search would yield any results, but with Isabela, he manages to do it. He finds Kane, an ancient vampire who bears the same mark. He tells Simon his story: a fight with his brother, Abel, and Lilith turning him into a vampire. To remove the symbol, all Simon has to do is go to the Seelie Queen with the rock that killed Abel and she’d help him.

It’s not quite so easy; the Queen is reluctant to remove the seal until Simon makes his intentions clear. The act removing it nearly kills him, and he desperately needs human blood to survive. I felt so bad for Isabela; she always sacrifices herself for others with little reward. While on the road to recovery from her addiction to vampire venom, she volunteers herself to Simon so he could get enough blood to heal himself. Even struggling to survive, Simon is reluctant to go through with it. The situation isn’t ideal, but I think Simon is one of the most understanding people who won’t judge Isabela and will be eternally grateful for her help.

While Simon frees himself of the seal, Clary and Jonathan are facing their next hurdle in a new city. Jonathan has transported them to Paris in search for the Morning Star Sword. It’s a sword that once belonged to Valentine but was lost. At first, Claire is unaware of the real reason they’re there. She thinks it is because Jonathan wants her on his side, and will butter her up by bringing her to her favorite city to do it. To her credit, Clary does her best to play the game but uses every opportunity to try and come up with a plan to escape.

Clary isn’t alone, as in New York City Jace has done more research into Luke’s theory of transporting an apartment space elsewhere. He finds the information accurate and interrupts a date between Magnus and Alec to inform them of what he found. Clary is alive and was transported with Jonathan to another location during the last battle. I didn’t expect their search to develop this quickly to locate Clary, but by the end of the episode, Jace and Alec are at her side to rescue her from Jonathan. While Clary had almost managed to escape, without their weapons drawn who knows what Jonathan would have done to keep her.

Jonathan tried to play nice with Clary and insisted he was a great guy, but his act was hardly convincing. In their whole time together Clary knew he was wasn’t being honest and not to trust him. She may not know his exact plans, but at least she can report how dangerous he is.

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