Charmed S1E13 Review: Manic Pixie Nightmare

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Charmed: Manic Pixie Nightmare

Original air date: March 3, 2019

Warning Spoilers

The Charmed Ones had to deal with a pixie, whose heart was literally stolen by a douche-y film student. The premise of this episode was fun, but I would’ve liked to see just a little more.  By no means was it lacking, but things have been a little heavy for the witches and I think having the pixie cause more frivolity could have been a blast to watch.  I picture a bacchian scene with the whole campus skipping around, singing, laughing and playing with puppies. Alas, that didn’t happen, and I will have to settle for Harry and Parker playing very uncharacteristic roles.

Now, I have never been team Parker.  He just didn’t click for me—but his skipping down the street went a long way for me.  It was nice to see him smile, look happy, and not be so dour.  I know being a half demon with daddy issues must weigh heavily on him, but seeing his lighter side was pleasant.  The puppy at the end might have been the tipping point in his favor.

After everything that has happened with Harry, it was nice to see him smile as well. I’m glad the previous episode dealt with his past and allowed him to be back to his Whitelighter self. The pixie, Chloe (Emily Bader), was at least good for that–and helping us learn that Maggie’s powers are evolving. Or at least she is learning more about them.

Maggie was able to break the pixie spell when she touched Harry and Parker and communicated with them telepathically. I could see her powers evolving even further—I bet with practice she could control emotions, which would be a big thing. She could use that power to help calm people, or take away feelings of guilt or anger. On the flip side she could also make people feel things like love or lust. It would be a power that would be very tempting to abuse. Though there’s been no sign that she is being tempted by the darkside, I am curious as to why Alastair is so keen on getting her and Parker together and to consummate their relationship. At least that is what I got out of his conversation with Lucy in the previous episode.

Speaking of, we learned last episode that their mother, Marisol, had to give up seeing Macy because that was the cost of Macy’s resurrection. I’ve been mulling this over and I think this is bigger than just Macy becoming a demon because of the demon blood in her. Her mom knew if she ever saw Macy, she would die. I think this means Marisol knew she was going to die for a while before her actual death. She set up Macy’s arrival to happen right as she died so the power of the Charmed Ones would be evoked. Now, did she sacrifice herself for some greater purpose, or was it just something she couldn’t stop, and this was the best she could do for her daughters?

Macy has made a deal to help cure Parker so she can also cure herself. She believes she can get rid of her demon part, but I don’t know if she can or should. In this episode she was wearing a yin and yang necklace. I don’t think this is by accident. I think it is a portent as to what she will become. I think she will have to accept that there is a little demon in her, but that doesn’t dictate her being good or bad.  If Parker can fight his more pronounced demon-ness, then I think she can too. The series has set up that demons are bad and witches are good, but I doubt it is really that black and white. Thus far the Charmed Ones have questioned the status quo and I don’t think this will be any different. I feel like she (and we) will learn the demon blood that brought her back is the one thing keeping her alive. Dr. Wagner said it was more entrenched in her DNA than Parker’s was—I don’t know if there will be a cure for her. Though maybe it will lead to a cure for Parker.

If Parker was cured of his demon-ness I would be pleasantly surprised. I have a feeling that a cure is going to be made, but the effects are going to be unexpected. I think the cure will make him full demon. I just don’t trust that things will work out as they expect them to.

Finally, let’s talk about the end of the episode. Jada and Mel thought they were going to meet Jada’s parents only to be attacked by masked men with crossbows. Who else thinks Niko is working with witch hunters and that is the real reason she stopped being a cop?


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