The Flash S5E14, Review – Cause and XS

reviwes, TV

It’s Nora’s own Groundhog day as she constantly relives her family being killed by Cicada. Fifty-two times to be exact, a number that will surely have a considerable impact on the timeline.

To back up: the Meta-Human cure is ready but will take 29 days to mature. They can bypass this with Barry entering the Speedforce for an hour. With him gone, and no way to reach him, Team Flash is on their own. They should be fine for an hour, though– they’ve held their own without Barry before.

Cicada, none too pleased by Iris’ visit, decides to track her down and use her as bait to draw the team out. It works, and she’s killed in front of Nora which triggers her to run back in time to fix it. This repeats in varying degrees as Nora tries to prevent anyone from dying. Of course, she does this all without telling them the reason she has begun to sequester the team in Star Labs. No matter what she does, Cicada finds a way to track and kill someone close to Barry.

The ripples are most noticed through Cisco’s date with Camila. He struggles to be himself and ruins the date through every do over, completely unaware of what Nora is doing at first. As his date progresses, Cisco begins to vibe the same date but with slightly different outcomes. Almost like déjà vu– not the same moment but close enough that he feels something is off. Sherloque and Iris also notice odd ripples that can only be from a Speedster traveling back in time. Once the team comes together, they realize it’s Nora has been moving back so frequently, that it is starting to affect their present.

The team handles the immediate thread of Cicada before addressing Nora’s time shenanigans. Armed with 52 different scenarios, the team is able to formulate a plan to take him down. They come closer than they ever have been and manage to immobilize him for a short period. But without the cure, they can’t do much to take him out, and he escapes.

Once Barry returns, he’s unaware of how much has gone down without him. We’re left with him warning Nora of her going back in time so frequently. One instance can cause a ripple, but fifty-two can have a huge impact.

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