Charmed S1E10 Review: Keep Calm and Harry On

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Charmed: Keep Calm and Harry On

Original air date: January 20, 2019

Warning: Spoilers

After a long break, Charmed is back—and man, was it a fun episode! I will admit I was hesitant to watch this episode. I feared that Harry being trapped in Tartarus was going to be a drawn-out ordeal. That was not the case, and I’m so pleased that his trip to Hellcatraz only lasted this one episode and was a wonderful catalyst in propelling his story forward, with minimal flashbacks. I wish other shows would take note of this episode, nay, of this show because right now, I’m so happy with how this show is structured I want to give everyone involved a great big hug.

I did do a little eye-roll when Maggie did the spell to banish her feelings– every show ever has proved this is a bad idea and I feared (again) this would be drawn-out. Again, my fears were unmerited. Maggie understands that her feelings are directly tied to her powers and they can’t operate independently of each other. Her brief time in Tartarus also seemed to help her tune into her powers, are not quite as passive as Alastair thought.

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Posted by Charmed on The CW on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Speaking of Alastair, his ripping his face off and showing his demon form was bad ass. I did not expect it and I loved it. His true face and that his company is named Morningstar, does make me feel he would be better suited to solving crime in Los Angeles, (just saying). As far as showdowns go, I know this isn’t that end of him, but I can’t wait to see the next one. I love when there is banter with fighting and him goading the Charmed Ones was so much fun to watch. I want more of that snark—I love me the snark!

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Posted by Charmed on The CW on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What made me the happiest this episode was Harry and Charity. So much of the series reminds me of the original, so this deviation feels nice. I like the dynamics between them, and I think that their relationship with be a way to bring change to how the Elders do things. In the original, the Elders were the power that be, and the Charmed Ones questioned them some, but at the end of the day, they seemed a little more compliant than our new witches. The world is more questioning than a few years ago and just because things have been done one way for so long, doesn’t mean it can’t change. Charmed is showing us this in the medium of television.

Charity is an Elder, but her breaking the rules and looking at Harry’s memories, (not to mention the kissing) shows she is willing to deviate from the way things have been. She will be essential in reforming the Elders, more so than the Sarcana. I think their methods are just as militant, so I can only see the two factions butting heads. The Charmed Ones, Harry, and Charity will be the bridge between the two. I would like this to be the big conflict of the season. As much as I’m looking to a demon/Charmed One showdown—that is the expected route. Social reform, now that would be a twist!

One thing I’m not keen on is Mel and Jada’s relationship. I haven’t been shipping them and had to think about why—my conclusion is that I think they are too similar. Mel seems like she is easily riled up, and so is Jada. I think they will fuel that in each other, and it will cause them to be to reckless and rash. Niko seemed like a good balance for Mel, they complimented each other well; she needs someone with a more cautious temperament. Though maybe Niko isn’t as level headed as she seemed. We saw her taking pictures of Mel and Jada and I’m curious to see how this plays out. Is Niko working a case? Or was determination to clear her partner (before the memory erasing) a sign of an obsessive personality? I hope I’m wrong about Jada, I want Mel to be part of a healthy relationship. I want that for all the sisters; fighting demons must be rough work, so they should have some balance in their lives. That doesn’t make for dramatic stories, however.

My one (minor) complaint, is that I would have liked to see more of Tartarus. If a story brings up Tartarus, I want to see some trapped Titans plotting their escape. I want some good ol’ Greek mythology brought to screen and I hope we haven’t seen that last of it. What if while saving Maggie and Harry, Cronos escaped and now time all messed up? I feel Greek and Christian Mythology has been very prevalent thus far and I want more.


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