Midnight, Texas: Series Finale Review

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Midnight, Texas: Series Finale

Original air date: December 28, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

The news that Midnight, Texas was cancelled came right before the last two episodes of the season aired and in watching the last episodes—I can kind of see why. I loved the series from the get-go and this season seemed to be set up for failure. It seems the show was a victim of too much story and not enough episodes. I do think Midnight could have been great, as there was potential—it just didn’t know what kind of show it wanted to be. There was so much transitioning from what is was last season, to what it wanted to be this season… there was very little time left for an actual story.

With only a ten-episode season, the show could have benefited from an editing of ideas. There was too much going on. The whole season could have been built around Manfred going dark because of residual demon juju. Or we could have had epic games of cat and mouse between Olivia and her father. We could have explored her past with her hideous step-mother.  Instead we got too much and there was not enough time to fully explore these amazing characters.

I don’t know if the season was written prior to learning there would be only ten episodes, but another two or three episodes would have helped the series a lot. The last episodes were cramming so much in, they lacked a sense of rhythm and were choppy. So much of the story happened off screen, we just had to guess what happened. I would have loved to see an epic battle between Olivia and evil Joe, yet all we got was the unfurling of creepy black wings and then we were on to the next storyline.

Also, because of this rush to the end, there are so many unanswered questions—like the good witches that turned evil, where did they come from? Was Fiji gathering them from around the area, and if so, how? Or was there a coven of witches in Midnight that never did anything but turn evil? When did Bobo have time to run a restaurant, a bar, a pawn shop and rub dark Fiji’s calves? Why is Lem superfast and can absorb energy, except when it could be super useful? Why were the police never around? That was a big problem in season one that just went away.

Patience was a fun big bad, but was she necessary? Her storyline took up so much time and the payout for it wasn’t that great. She had some fun one-liners, but she wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before… and there wasn’t a real explanation as to why she picked Midnight as a home base. There was so much that could have been done with her character, but instead she was doing it all for the love of a man.

Her only goal was to be reunited with her true love (and twin brother), and I’m a little over this story. I would love to see a female villain that wasn’t motivated by her love of a man. I would have had more appreciation for Patience, if the only reason she wanted her brother back was to take his powers and become the most powerful witch ever. Or perhaps she could have had an evil agenda that has nothing to do with romantic relationships.  I wish this character was given more depth—I like my villains to be evil, but with merit (like Iago or Kilmonger).

As it was, the last episodes did tie up most of this season’s issues. Fiji and Bobo are back together, and Fiji is back to normal but at the cost of her unborn child’s soul. Lem and Olivia can be together forever because she is a vampire now. Joe was leaving to repent, and Manfred got to see his grandma again. Of course, that led to the cliffhanger that will never be resolved. Let’s just agree that the big dude walking down the street of Midnight was Mr. Snuggly playing a prank.


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