Midnight, Texas S2E8 Review: Resting Witch Face

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Midnight, Texas: Resting Witch Face

Original air date: December 14, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Who has two thumbs, a cute dog, and totally called the big reveal of this week? ME! I told y’all not to trust Patience. Her and her brother, Theophilus (the severed head), were the original source of dark magic. Kai is just the innocent spouse that’s been snowed like the rest of the Midnighters. I can see the end battle involving him draining Patience of her powers. First, I wonder if we will see him drain the dark magic from Fiji? Can he just suck out a specific part of her power? Or if Fiji was drained of all her power, would she be good Fiji again– and wouldn’t that also lift the curse on Bobo?

Now that we know that Patience is the evil mastermind—was the curse her doing to begin with? Has she been magically manipulating Fiji and Manfred the whole time? I would be less angry at Fiji if it turns out she was magically influenced; I get angry that Fiji ignored her Aunt Mildred’s warnings about dark witches. It is like Fiji just went along for the ride without too much protest, and if Patience was magically encouraging her it would make a lot of sense.

Right now Fiji is still a dark witch—but she isn’t past the point of no return. She didn’t kill Creek (Patience did) and hasn’t done anything that can’t be forgiven (yet). Though her and Bobo’s relationship will not be the same after all this. Even if it was the influence of dark magic, she said some hurtful things to Bobo, things he won’t soon forget. Now that it has been revealed she is working for Patience, I think the next episode will be getting her back– I don’t know if there is anyone else powerful enough to stop Patience. Unless some daughters of Delilah show up to save the day.

With Manfred in trouble himself, the Midnighters need some supernatural miracles. Patience gave Manfred a “protection” amulet that makes him the host body for Theophilus– which I wonder if that was her plan all along or just opportune. Was seducing him getting him ready for this, and if so, should we read into her and her brother having a GOT kind of relationship?

Besides all the witch stuff going on, the Midnighters are dropping in numbers. Poor Chuy didn’t make it. To save Walker, Joe had to kill Chuy and I’m not sure how I feel about this. This whole plot seemed like a way to fridge Chuy and make Joe edgier. The way I see it, Lem could have easily chased down Chuy and drained him before he left Midnight and killed a bunch of people. Had this happened while Lem was human, it would have made a little more sense. Joe could have also knocked Walker out to keep him from following him– or left him hog-tied until after Chuy was contained. It felt forced and for what? Joe chopped off his wings; I see it as him cutting ties with the Divine, but what does it mean exactly? Besides him having a long walk back to Midnight.

The greatest scenes of the episode came from Kiva Goldwater (Mindy Sterling), the one-eyed gypsy that Manfred called upon. She gave the show much needed levity and Lem massaging Manfred’s feet while she was borrowing his body was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I would love if she was a recurring character they turn to for advice—I want to know more about Kiva. We only have two more episodes this season and they are sure to be doozies—I hope they are not the last episodes of the series!


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