Charmed S1E9 Review: Jingle Hell

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Charmed: Jingle Hell

Original air date: December 9, 2018

Warning: Spoilers

Charmed managed to fit a lot into this episode, and we have until January 20th to mull it all over. The episode brought many story points to a head and it will be interesting to see where the show goes from here.

Parker made a bold choice this episode. He does love Maggie, and decided against his family’s wishes not to steal the powers of the Charmed Ones. His mother turns out to be Macy’s boss Dr. Wagner. I know demons are bad and are not supposed to have feelings—but I would say Alastair has a soft spot for her. He’s kept her employed and they are both trying to save their son’s life. It isn’t a perfect family, but they seem to care about one another. Not only did Parker decide against stealing their powers, but he also sent his brother Hunter to Tartarus (demon prison). Too bad Harry went with him—but more on that in a minute.

Maggie knows the truth about Parker and is (rightly so) a little upset that he had been lying to her. I somehow doubt their relationship is over though—this has all the makings of the will they, won’t they story that will be dragged out. Not only that, but with the reveal of Parker possibly being the Source, this has all the makings of the Cole/Phoebe love affair of the original. Charmed has been doing well at mixing things up, so I would like to see this take an unexpected turn.

The whole point of stealing the powers from the Charmed Ones was so Parker could go under magical gene-therapy and become full demon. There could be other options that can do the same thing, but what if instead the Charmed Ones helped  him get rid of his demon half? If he can get rid of his human half, it seems the reverse should be possible as well. Then he would be plain ol’ human and he and Maggie could have a normal relationship. I doubt Alastair would be pleased with that scenario—though with Hunter gone, I’m sure he won’t be that pleased with Parker anyway.

Hunter did do one good thing (sorta) before he was sent to Tartarus; he got rid of Galvin’s protection mark. So he and Macy should be able to date without fear of injury. That is one obstacle out of the way– now there is his witnessing them being witches to deal with. I would love if this leads to the revelation that Galvin is cool with it. I’m guessing it won’t be that easy and there will be an adjustment period for him.

Now onto poor Harry—he is stuck in Tartarus with an extreme hangover. Talk about a sucky situation. Retrieving Harry will no doubt be the focus of the show when it returns. My guess is that the Elders will not be down with a rescue mission and it will be up to the Charmed Ones and the Sarcana to get him home. The Sarcana are probably not as bad as the Elders are making them out to be, and I really believe they were not the ones behind the death of the Charmed Ones’ mother. I think there is another power at play here and we have yet to see them—oh here’s a thought, what if it is Galvin’s family? Another group of witches trying to get controlling power away from the Elders and the Charmed Ones.

This episode is my favorite thus far. There was the perfect blend of action, intrigue and humor. Macy as Hunter being Macy was brilliant. I liked Hunter just for his snarkiness, miss him already. It feels like the show has found its groove and I hope it stays as awesome as this episode. I’m going to miss it for the next few weeks and I eagerly wait it’s return. Until then, here is a recipe for Coquito—which is a million times better than eggnog, in my humble opinion.



One bottle of rum*

One can sweetened condensed milk

One can evaporated milk

One can coconut cream

One can sweetened coconut milk

One tablespoon vanilla extract

One tablespoon cinnamon

Blend everything, chill and enjoy!

*amount of rum is totally negotiable


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